Sunday 8 April 2012

Ebay goodness

Got a parcel in the post the other day, my latest ebay purchase. I'd been on the hunt for some more Tyranid Infestation Markers. I've got the big Hive Node and two or three of the triple nodes but none of the twins. I had a look on ebay and they had a Buy It Now of a twin and triple for £4ish including postage...

... but then I saw this 'bitz' auction that's got two twins and a triple, what looked like one or two warriors at least five Termagants and some Genestealers including the heads, which can sell for silly money on their own sometimes. So I bid and it came to £4.70 in the end.

Anyway, I was right in my estimation. There's also three halves of the basic Termagants, just missing their leg bits which isn't too bad as I may be able to use them as spawning termagants if I ever get a full size Tervigon(!). There are a couple of the spinefist rippers and there were enough bits to make 4 Ymgarl Genestealers, not the tentacle mouth heads but scything talons and armour plates. If I were to source another couple of bodies and only a few pairs of plates I should enough for a half a dozen Ymgarl's.

BUT, the big thing was the rest of the bits. The two Warriors were complete and there are two Monstrous Creature crushing claws, a Venom Cannon and some rending claws. I have enough, enough bits to finally attempt my Tyranid Warrior to Hive Guard conversion.I don't guarantee that the conversion will be cheaper than buying the proper model, BUT it is certainly going to be interesting if you have spare Venom Cannons [and who doesn't], Crushing Claws, Rending Claws and some Tyranid Warriors and their Flesh Hooks... so any bitz bag could be just the gold mine you're looking for. I think with another few quids worth of investment I could have around £50 worth of figures out of this one bag and the bitz I've already got which were currently doing nothing. So buckle up folks this is going to get really interesting.


  1. Nothing like that triumphant feeling of unpacking that box and *knowing* what you can do with all the goodness you just got at a massive bargain. It's oddly enough becoming a part of the hobby for me to buy really scary paint-drenched figs and 'rescue' them into something new and (at least to me) awesome. Grats!

  2. Cheers Ghostin, I'm on the lookout for a similar $hit coated bunch of diamonds. If I can make two Hive Guard out of this set I'll have saved £31 alone, that's nearly a proper Tervigon!