Friday 20 April 2012

Blood Bowl - Referee

Not much here but something that amuses me and he deserves his time in the sun. This is my Blood Bowl Referee. I don't know where I picked him up but to quote the song "this deaf, short sighted dwarf sure plays a mean Blood Bowl" and a pink rinse too on his beard!

I love the fact he has no feet either, his robe is so long it just covers his tootsies.

"the Referee's a what...?"

To be honest I'm not sure why I'm not parking this post for a future date so I can get some cooler stuff to you now but I may as well use it anyway As this post is a bit 'feature light', I'll fill you in on a few things. My back gave out at the weekend, that's the third weekend in a row. The first weekend wasn't too bad, I was getting some old clothes out of the back of the car to take to a charity shop. It was better by the Wednesday. Then Easter weekend I was keeping an eye on the microwave when the pain came back, gently at first but by the evening I was in agony and didn't return back to work until Thursday. Then this weekend it just went again  and I could hardly stand. The end result is two weeks off work, to keep moving but not exert myself.

So I'll definitely be trying to catch up on a lot of the stuff that's been on hiatus because things are getting done and I've reached a part in Dawn of War that's just a bit tedious. Like I mentioned in one of my comments I  based 50 miniatures the other day, red planet painted and once all the final touch ups are done it's the Mechrite Red, I've ordered a new can of Purity Seal to protect them and even finished my Deathwing, or should that be Porkwing as pigs must be flying tonight!

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