Monday, 16 April 2012

'nids part 30 - Devilgaunts

My neighbour and carsharing gaming buddy Mark was getting rid of some 'nids so I decided to pick up these ten Devourer Termagants. I hope you recall that 'To Do List' indeed these aren't on it, neither's the Broodlord I picked up or the two Blood Bowl teams I'm painting.

I may well be adding to my figures despite not finishing what I've already got but if the new figures I get are completed "tout de suite" then all things are forgiven. It's also particularly useful to have something to re-ignite the painting passion. Call these a catalyst if you will to getting into painting so I can tackle those Dark Angels anew.

And here we are with the base coat of 'Cappucino' art acrylic [bonewhite substitute] and Ultramarine blue. Notice the Toxin sacs on their backs. These will be useful in differentiating squads of ten at least. 20 in a Mycetic Spore would be fun 60 shots! but two separate units could be handy too or even just as another to gants to be spawned, just pretend their Fleshborers, not that I've ever run out of spawned Termagants, yet.

Next up is the liver colouring on the Devourers, muzzles, pipes and Toxin Sacs, then washes.