Sunday 22 April 2012

'nids part 31 - Broodlord 2 electric boogaloo

The latest edition to the Hive Fleet, a second Broodlord. This comes from my nieghbour and car share buddy Mark. This was his 'Christmas Tree' Broodlord and it just goes to show how a simple colour scheme can still be very effective. I felt quite sad to repaint it.

Also of note is a Citadel resin base. These are very odd as they ar bigger than the 40mm base. I'm sure I've read that somewhere else but it's still a surprise. It's very nice and I'll not be rebasing him but it's still odd.

A las-gun on the base and those green arm spikes make him look like Ozzy Osbourne in his tassle shirts ;)


... and after.

Looks a bit bland now :(

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