Thursday 12 April 2012

Fall of Arminius - Game 1, Tyranids Vs Space Wolves pt2

The scouts continue to advance.

Heading for this objective.

The gribblies 'occupy' the middle gorund.

The warriors shoot the wolves and then slaughter the wolves.

The gribblies hang out, chilling and that.

The stealers barrel in but apparently wolves get certain bonuses, in this case I think they got counter attack.

So despite the combat specialism of the stealers, they get beat and then run off, the Broodlord too - epic fail!

The best pic of the day thanks to my son. He loves getting down to eye level for the shots.

And when I say 'eye level' I really mean 'eye level'.

More of the gribblies packed in taking wounds from the combined fire.

The Doom of Malantai arrives in his spore pod. Thanks to Njall I think his ability to fire was nulled, he may have sucked some wounds or we may have ruled the terminators were safe as they were out of line of sight, I dunno but it didn't do much, the spore didn't do much either.

Flap, flap, flap. The Gargoyles deepstrike and pull off the coup of the game shooting Njall dead with their fleshborers. Secondary objective points for me killing the highest ranked HQ, meanwhile these had been won by the Space Wolves already for the loss of my Hive Tyrant.

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