Wednesday 4 April 2012

GW - "thanks, but no thanks!"

Did you ever wonder in the early 90's what happens when you contact GW and ask for help with your GCSE Craft, Design and Technology project? Of course you did, we all did and here's what happens:

In tidying out the loft the other day I finally decided to chuck some of my old school work. Really why am I still hanging onto GCSE coursework that's 21 years old? Anyway, we had pretty much free reign to do what we wanted and I wanted to combine my project with my love of gaming so planned to do a gaming club, complete with individually themed games rooms.

There was a Dark Future room complete with a front end of a car smashed through the walls, a Space Hulk room with alien infestation on the walls made with hot melt glue and ping-pong balls in the scale model. Most portentous of all was the Fantasy Battle room, actually called Warhammer World and the walls were lined with polystyrene carved to look like a castle's battlements. Now I'm not saying they eventually stole my idea, I asked for their help in the early stages so nothing had actually been done but I'm thinking now the postcard may have been their way of ensuring I can't claim it was all my idea, but this is Warhammer World:

and we all know the truth now don't we ;)

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