Monday 2 April 2012

Blood Bowl - Skaven

Skaven in the garden, and rats in the shed, how appropriate. Actually I don't think it's rats, I think it's mice as I can't find any rat droppings but gnawing has gone on and they've moved the poison I put down to a more 'accessible' location - nearer to the door which I think they are managing to squeeze through. So small rat or mouse in my book. Anyway, this is just a record of the two Skaven figures I am going to have to sacrifice from my Mongrel Horde mixed chaos or underworld team to go in my straight Skaven team.

The pink came out really rather well, I hope I can repeat that when I get round to the Horde. I'm also a fan of doing a large portion of my skaven Albino. It seems there aren't enough of those in the Warhammer world. I will definitely be doing that, 

The Thrower too has some nice blending but this time I decided on a ginger rat, they must have them what with all that cavorting with warpstone ;)

The grey is quite nice, part of me feels sad this is now gone under a Red Oxide undercoat. I'm hoping this will be a perfect base fro my Orange Skavenblight Scramblers. Not sure it'll allow me any gingers but I'm hoping that the orange and black colour scheme will scratch the itch of my 'Hallowe'en' theme from way back in my Squat days but of course I did plan on doing that on the Orks from Assault on Black Reach, good practice then int it!

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