Friday 6 April 2012

Blood Bowl - Yellow Elves

 The Elves are progressing! What amazes me is that back in the day the very thought of paintin 16 figures at once would have killed a project stone dead for me but nowadays this is the way I feel I need to do it if I'm going to get any of them done. far better to do ten at a time and have ten complete than do one.

These have all been painted whatever Vallejo Yellow came in my paint set, Sun-something-or-other no doubt. They've had a wash of thinned Maccarius Solar Orange and then Gryphonne Sepia and I'm beginning to feel happy with the tone. 

 They've also had brown applied to the skin areas, this'll be the base for all my skin tones. I have a number od decisions [G.O.D. help us all] to do with hair and towel colours. I was thinking of matching them to their positions but I don't fancy having all the linemen with grey towels - boring!

I am going to be intorducing black into the models too. The top and bottom belts are going to be black as well as the two outer 'straps' on their kilts. That way I'm getting in the stripey effect of the Haffenheim Hornets, should I use them as such.

I will also have to look at the face guards, leave them yellow or do it orange or black? Knee pads also need to be either black or left yellow - do I want a carbon copy uniform or a bit of variety in what is black or yellow?

Here's a little update on the above pics although it should be hard to see given the completely different lighting conditions. However, this is the last two figures to have a highlight of yellow applied over the Sepia shading wash. Honestly it's a nightmare painting round all those suds and Blitzers are the absolute worst with them on arms and legs. G.O.D. bless catchers they've hardly any. Think flesh next, then black and finally highlights. This is going well.

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