Sunday 3 July 2011

The most important rule of painting...

I don't know when it was but I had an epiphany many years ago that I hold today as the most important rule of painting - don't judge the finished quality of the model you are painting until you have finished painting it.

So many times I have passed judgement on a figure and lost confidence only for the finished article to surpass my expectations. It's a timely reminder to me because what little effort I have recently put into painting has been less rewarding than I'd hoped. My Dark Angels have progressed from their Orkhide Shade Foundation and I have added Dark Angel green. The AoBR marines came out OK but the dreadnought hasn't fared so well. The reason is down to application. Whereas the marines could be quickly drybrushed which effectively adds a thin DA Green 'polish' to the figure. The Dreadnought, with it's metallics in place and flat surfaces has meant a more considered coat of paint which has shown up many imperfections in it's brush strokes. Even worse is that the decision to wash it in Badab Black has highlighted those inconsistencies even more. G.O.D. knows what'll happen when I continue the Drop Pod!

I need to remember that they're not finished but my confidence in fixing it has taken a knock and I'm not entirely sure how to proceed. Just what I need, another incentive NOT to do some painting! I may post pics of my current situation, if I take them, although I'm not sure of the benefit of doing so but what they hey, it's content.

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