Friday 1 July 2011

Space Crusade Dreadnought - what will become of this?

I've obviously had this for a long time, in actual fact I had two, one from the Space Crusade game and one from the Space Crusade supplement, which means I also got the thre Tarantual Sentry Guns and another Chaos Dreadnought with four weapons points, more on that later.

As you can see at the time I wasn't happy with the little fella's mouth, so some Milliput sculpting came into play and I bored out the Bolters!

But I have plans for this baby now. I've never liked the way the sarcophagus, because of it's snap fit construction, just ends flat. So what I hope to do is use some bits from the venerable dreadnought, and the quad autocannons from the Aegis Defence Line and make my own Mortis Dreadnought, y'know the Dark Angel and successors only dreadnought that Dark Angels can't have [because it's not in the Codex] and every other Codex can! So if I take something like the bits below I can cut just behind the head on the Space Crusade sarcophagus, 'hinge' the cowling on theVenerable sarcophagus and find a way to fit it in. Then the autocannons will fit perfectly in the sponsons without any extra work, unlike if I was trying to fit them on a normal dread...

Anyway, it's another 'long-term' project as the pieces still have to be bought...


  1. I literally just found a few minis from this boxset. I wish I still had all the bits, although I think I know where they are. If I do find them all, including these fellows I think I'll be playing around with them myself.

  2. Well if any of the rumours about 6th Edition are to be believed, and I really should have commented on the ones that struck me, then 'strategic assets' that allow you to buy automatic sentry guns may well see those Tarantulas back in fashion. Did they read my post on the importance of Tarantuals in DoW?

    Anyway here's another Dark Angel Space Crusade dread

    Not entirely sure why I mucked up the dates and thought June had 30 days, hence the two posts in two days, still I'm sure you lot are not complaining.