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Friday 14 April 2017

Dark Angels - Drop Pod[s], MOAR Shots!

Here's a bucketload of additional pictures, they were all done in my light box. As you can see the Ferron background was a bit washed out, my digital camera struggles a bit with it but the Drop Pods look alright.

Drop pod deployed.

Squad deployed.

Rather dramatic pose from this mish-mash of Assault on Black reach and Dark Vengeance tactical guys.

Anyway, hope you like the pics.

Thursday 13 April 2017

Dark Angels - Drop Pod[s], TO DONE!

Quite a variety of pics here, first up my digital camera in the daylight. The colours are pretty accurate but you can see how the sunlight casts quite the shadow.

But the finished models are all I could have hoped for. My Dark Angels are a little random in that they mix styles of painting with these bigger items weathered and yet the Dark Talon remains unscathed. I'm not sure if that inconsistency detracts but I've done all I could on these and more.

The only thing I could have added was a big number covering a door, which would have been nice and bold.

I'm really pleased they work as a pair too, even with the different approaches to the metal and 5 year gap between when each was started.

Freehanding [OK, stencilling] the company markings was also a task that I'm glad I did. It seemed like so much effort at the time but adds something to lift them up just another level.

Pod 1s interior, before I was swayed by the love of brass and bronze, there's silver/gun metal in there!

The orange hazard edges, complete with damage on all the explosive bolts.

Pod 2, a little warmer with the brass and bronze approach.

Some slight weathring on the escape ramps too, just to make it look used.

The centre consoles came out OK too, thanks to Tamiya Clear Orange X-26.

Moar pics from my phone [by the looks of the aspect ratio].

Here's my Big Purple Stamp of Approval as these are well and truly TO DONE!

Thats right I get another one because I been and gone and done two of the beggars! ;)

Wednesday 15 February 2017

Dark Angels - Drop Pod[s], The final push

The final push and I couldn;t not do the company marking in each fin. That's the thing about 'freehand' even when it's not perfect you can still see the effort involved and it makes it al worthwhile.

Each circle was stamped on in black with the end of a plastic pencil tube. I then quartered it, filled it with black and then Bonewhite. Some green highlights outside and in, then Soft Tone shading the bone, final highlight and a Dark Reaper highlight on the black. All a little too much but happy with the results, imperfections and all.

It's almost cartoony, which I really quite like, the company '5' looks a little anaemic in comparisson though.

5s were finished off on pod 2 [the one on the right] and all the damage was applied - sponging Rhinox Hide, Gun Metal and then Strong Tone wash.

Essentially these are complete, just need to varnish and Tamiya Clear and I can do the To Done pics. Really chuffed to have got these completed, I've even put them both in my Birthday Bash list just for giggles.