Wednesday 27 July 2011

Epic Adeptus Titanicus part 9. - Odds and sods

Here's some more left over bits from my Epic collection. Bits that never got painted, used, built or are just plain interesting for their novelty value alone. Below you have another 5 Whirlwinds [which make 8 when you add them to this bunch]. Also there are 3 Mk1 Vindicators and a lead [pb] Rhino and his plastic counterpart.

Next up a Barrage missile launcher for one of my Titans, a close-combat wrecking ball and a couple of the banner poles. I really miss the Titan aspect of 40k, maybe I should have tried to play this one day...

A sprue-load of Space Marines and Imperial Guard. At this stage I was painting them on the sprue as it was easiest. According to the rules because Space Marine Scouts weren't true Astartes they suggested IG models were appropriate so I think that's what I was going to do here. And also another 4 Dreadnoughts [to add to my existing squad].

Not sure why I took this shot twice but there might be a reason when you click to zoom in [why doesn't blogger have that function built into the editor?]. Anyway some of the Epic lead [pb] Marines, including a Devastator. That used to be the 'treat' in any Epic blister purchase - the random marine or jetbike that would come with the pack. Takes you back to all those Adeptus Titanicus shots that were only made up of little lead [pb] men

And they also did Eldar in lead [pb]! Here's a las-cannon weapons team. I had another but randomly decided to remove it's circular base. That's a lot of work using only nail clippers! Also three more Titan bases purely for the fact it begs the question 'just how many Titan's did I have?' if there's another 3 empty bases! 


  1. I've enjoyed looking at them. Makes me sad to think of all those models and rules for what was once a major system sitting collecting dust around the world. The early Epic was something very special.

  2. Seconded. LotR has a lot to answer for :'(