Monday, 11 July 2011

'nids part 22. - Photo bomb!

OK here's a photo bomb of my Son's 'nids. I realised recently I've never really done a full exhibition of my efforts last year so I thought I'd remedy this. I decided to take all these pics the day I embarked on the Red Planet Basing for the entire force and before I tweaked all the highlights on the claws and talons. These pics have been knocking around for ages and I really should have shared them before but by getting them out in the open now I can do individual unit shots further down the line when they're varnished and complete.

Here's a couple of shots of the 'big guns' Hive Tyrant [before he had any Bonewhite highlights], Zoanthrope, Trygon and Tervigon and the second shot with the Tyranid Warriors and Tyranid Prime.

'Mount Doom' the big guns get ready to descend on Ferron Proxima!

The Tervigon and a few Gargoyles

'The Tervigon on the mount' seen over the horde of Hormagaunts and then you have to change focus to the ravaging beasties that are bounding towards you!

Another view of the Tervigon through the mass of chittering gribblies and then the Tyranid Warrior armed with Barbed Strangler.

Lastly, my old friend Broodlord in a Bodywarmer!