Saturday 23 July 2011

Terrain is everything - Epic terrain

Head's up on some truly Epic Terrain. 8mm terrain is not something we did a lot of with my gaming group. Sure I set about creating the siege items for what would probably become 40k Planetstrike in the future - bunkers made of foamcard and cavalry bases, minefields and razorwire. Nothing got through to painting stage but I'm sure there's at least a dozen bunkers knocking around my parents loft.

Anyway this was a truly unique piece of terrain I made, primarily as an objective. A 40mm base with an oil drilling platform and derrick [is that the correct term?]. Believe it or not these items were the toy from a Kinder Egg! The only thing missing from the actual 'surprise' is a little oil tanker that I was going to use seperately for a 'protect the convoy' style mission objective. It's perfectly to scale as well. Obviously you'll also note my attempt at red-planet basing. A bit too dark and lava world but you can see I was in love with the idea even back then.

This last building is sort of a hangar/warehouse. The main structure is the front nose of a Messerschmitt Bf 109 [if you check the link the 3rd picture down shows the plane this probably came from ;) ] The circular bit on the front is a tank track wheel [probably from another German vehicle. The bit underneath - doorway and window is a tank hatch from another WW2 model kit and there's a cylinder there in the corner to cover any little gaps. Painted to my poor standard of drybrushing but at least I tried to streak it in suc a way that might approximate real weathering, although the greenery stains on the bottom aren't so convincing.

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