Friday 31 December 2010

Spotted - Eldar Phantom Titan

2 posts in one day? What's going on? Well, I just checked over at GW's website and What's New Today it's all about Forgeworld. More specifically it's about the Badab Wars - Imperial Armour books 9 and 10. There's all sorts of pics about Carcharadons, Minotaurs, Astral Claws and more. What's more interesting is what's in the background of this picture

That's an Eldar Phantom Titan baby! Now this is kind of old news, back in March BoLS led on this story, from pictures from Warseer. However that titan was in the rather unglamorous yellow resin which may be a prototype but as we can see above there is a yellow one and a grey, which kind of looks like the typical resin used in the final production models available from Forgeworld. You can at least see there are separate parts to the feet on the grey than on the yellow, so it may be that the Phantom's are production ready and nearly available...


  1. Actually, I've just seen that it appeared on the rumors section in the forum at 15:19, so no I didn't but then again it wasn't like GW was trying to hide it, someone was bound to find it sooner or later.