Thursday 16 December 2010

'nids part 7. Strangleweb conversion [for what it's worth, which ain't much!]

++ Contact 06/45#a ++ Xenos bio-symbiote evidence ++ Web-based non-lethal excretor ++ Threat level - zero ++

I think in the first game my son played with his cousin the flamer and it's template really cam into effect. A huge slew of Termagants were BBQ'd. So when I was looking in the Tyranid Codex I thought I'd found an equivalent in the Strangleweb upgrade, I was wrong, but at the time I didn't see it.

Anyway, I actually think this was the first conversion I completed. I think the Tyranid Prime was started at the same time, but of course this was so easy to do it was completed in minutes, if not seconds. All I really needed was one of the many spare Deathspitters from the original Tyranid Warriors from Advanced Space Crusade.

The arms are already attached and you just need to add a bit of pressure on the joints to bend them a bit into position and hold them in place as the Poly-glue bonds the joints. Lastly you need to ensure the Termagant's head is angled a little bit so it looks like he's actually looking at what he's about to 'gob' on!

Here's the model on it's own, instead of the Inquisitorial vid-feed...


I mean he looks impressive, especially when you're looking down the barrel of that 'thing', but there's two flaws. 1. the balance is quite difficult, he's prone to tipping and 2. The Strangleweb is effectively useless. I don't actually think my son's ever fired it, in anger or other wise.

However this forum thread seems to indicate it odes have it's uses, so long as all the planets are in alignment!


  1. People actually use stranglewebs? Oh, nevermind, I see that you pointed out it's futility at the end of the post.

    From certain angles, I really like the look of the conversion, but he does look top-heavy from others. The paint job looks fantastic though (as does the mock-up display graphic you rendered). On the instability issue, have you considered counter-weighting his base to make him stable?

  2. I think the weapon wouldn't have been so useless if it was strength 3 instead of 2. At least if it could halt your average Eldar or Guardsmen in place it'd have a use otherwise it's not worth it. 5pts might have been a better price, but one FREE point swap [for every 10 in the brood] is the only real price to consider. Put it this way a pair of boneswords for the Prime is 10pts and we all know they can do damage. This thing for 10 is laughable.

    I've looked at options for counterweights for it and the Hormogaunts. In actual fact it is more stable than you'd give it credit, just in one direction. It balances itself much like a high-wire walkers pole but of course if it tips on the short side it flops over, and it's too long to position at the bottom of hills without turning it side on, exposing it to tippage.

    At any rate it's highly unlikely to be used as it's shown and will be the last 'gant to be spawned by the Tervigon if I have a choice in the matter.