Tuesday 28 December 2010

Epic Adeptus Titanicus part 3. - War Griffons Warhound

I love Warhound Titans. I don't really like them in 40k, especially not the Lucius Pattern but I loved them in Epic. The idea of two loping titans scouting ahead and coming in from the flanks always appealed to me. Quick and dirty, here's one of my War Griffons, I'll photograph his sibling at some other point, he's less finished.

As you can see he's armed with a Plasma Blast gun [am I right?] and a combat saw, just right for darting in to slice up some other titan. I also managed a little Griffon logo and you can just make out a kill mark on the top of the carapace I ca.

Obviously the colour scheme fits the War Griffons but there are accent colours, like the green and blue. His brother is red and yellow accents and had an equally interesting lead out.

Here's a shot where you can see a little more of his urban camouflage Griffon scheme.


  1. I agree completely. In 40K scale they leave me a little cold, but in Epic they really work. It think it might be the fuller, rounder shapes in the originals, and the extra dynamism and springiness.

  2. Although, one of my old gaming buddies who I've recently got back in touch with through facebook scratchbuilt this Warhound and it's all manner of awesome


    He's also got a Warlord Titan built and ready to paint...

  3. That's almost beyond belief! Not only scratchbuilding something that size, but getting such a complex form and level of detail while doing it. And a Warlord too..? Thanks for sharing - it is encouraging.

  4. It's over on BoLS in the Minaiture gallery under Apocalypse, Titans & Superheavies


    I told him about my blog and he's had to concede that having a blog out-geeks his scratchbuilds. Do take time to post any comments and feedback.