Wednesday 22 December 2010

40k future container scatter terrain - UPDATE

You may recall while back I made some 40k future container scatter terrain out of Mentos Cube boxes. I promised I'd do an update on the painting so here we go.

As you can see a bit of judicious brown and orange, some silver here and there and these little beauties really come into their own. I'd agonised for ages over these, the washes really took a while to work but using a really big brush to do the dry brushing helped. When I say really big I mean the sort you use when decorating, cutting in on the walls etc.

But I didn't stop there. I wanted to put some markings on the containers so I made some little masks and you can just make out the NUMA markings I added below [I'm a big Clive Cussler fan and the colour was perfect]. Close up they look even more grimy!

Since then I've added another seven containers [what can I say I like gum] I've got some Bioazard waste ones, some OOCL [they'll still be doing containerisation in the 41st millenium] one of the mesh wrapped liquid containers and a reinforced Dark Angels container, which makes a nice objective marker, who knows what or whom is locked up inside, I'll never tell... I'll get some pics up eventually when I grime them up. I really enjoyed playing around with the different colours because I feel most container ports are all different but part of me thinks I should have stuck to the turquoise and pale blue of the first three, hmm


  1. They look great painted. Is the NUMA marking a stencil, or are you just that good at free-hand?

  2. Yep it's a stencil and no I'm not that good at freehand, at least I don't think I am. Something like that is just easier to stencil, even just paper is sufficient to get the job done.

  3. That is a great idea with the gum containers. I will have to key an eye out for useful shapes! Great job on the card detailing and the painting.

    1. Thanks Cameron, I probably should go back and create a cuboid foamcard template in the .pdf now that the actual gum containers are no longer available...