Tuesday 14 December 2010

What's in a blog?

Interesting question, most of you probably realise this ones about 40k and I think I've managed to keep going with this for a good few weeks and I've even got people reading. Of course the pressure is on to keep adding content, which at the moment is every couple of days.

What is in this blog is actually a 'retrospective'. Most of what I've written about and documented is content and gaming I've already done. The terrain and buildings, the Tyranids are all things I've done over the past year. The Epic stuff and Dark Angels are coming from my childhood nearly 20 years ago. Having such an abundance of content makes this blog easier but eventually that content will run out and I'll have to be doing new things and touching on new topics to keep the blog going.

A while back I had the luxury of painting during my lunch breaks, which I can't really do now, so the blog takes up that space but really I'll sometimes need to do actual 'stuff' to discuss as opposed to discussing stuff. Funnily enough I think I used to treat White Dwarf the same. I would think should I be buying White Dwarf to read about the stuff I should actually be buying with that money?

Anyway, the point being that some of my future posts may be less frequent, but if you're on the RSS feed you'll know when they come up. More likely though the content may not be quite as comprehensive. Posts may be individual steps instead of a number of steps making up a part of a whole. We'll see anyway. I always wondered why I started this blog, I always knew it was a time thief and I've actually got a whole lot on my plate at the moment and the addition of a fledgling blog seems rather mistimed. Blogs are 'fluid' anyway, changing and evolving over time so this shouldn't be too bad.

So what we may end up with is the obligatory - 'what's on my project table at the moment' for instance, which in this case is this baby:

I'll no doubt fill you in on the details later, piece by piece, from the initial sketches through to completion. Blogging this way should spread things out nicely and take the pressure off. Oh, and yes that is a Mega Bloks Plasma Hatcher in the background and that will be a Mycetic Spore and I will touch on these in a future post. Most blogs die out and this one may do but if I take it easier, then perhaps there's more life to it, especially with recording my son's Eldar efforts coming up...

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