Wednesday 8 December 2010

'nids part 4. The Tervigon Tutorial part 2.

Here's part 2 of 'how to get some use out of that old Carnifex' 'how to build a new Tervigon'. Here you can see what happens when you take a strip of 1ply tissue paper, coat it in PVA glue and wrap it over the tin foil embryos, using a wooden stirrer to poke it into all the crevices. Then I pulled out the old string to add some veins to the sac. Separating out all the threads, coating them with PVA and what do you know they looked really cool!

Here you can see a view from the back. I'm amazed how the PVA made the tissue paper transparent. I'm sure there is some way to egt the best out of all those lovely tin foil colours but you'll see late on in the blog it wasn't to be. You could also have stuck a Termagant head in there somewhere pressing against the sac. It would have been really cool but I forgot.

The other side view, you can see how the termie was being spawned. Not sure what the black line on the sac was for, perhaps it was when I draped the tissue over the back I then drew on it so i had a rough template of how much I'd need. You really don't want a mansize PVA-ed tissue draped over this thing if you can help it.

Lastly, the spawning sphincter in it's STOMACH! That's right, you think otherwise if you wish. Some string formed the orifice, more tissue paper blended into the rest of the sac. Now the positioning in the above picture may have looked perfect but there were some issues that became apparent so I was going to have to emply my old friend 'some slate' to get the pose correct. Essentially though all that was left at this point was a few tweaks, fix his scything talon and add on his others and the conversion was done. 

Get ready for part 3...


  1. The wet tissue paper is a great effect: very organic looking.

    The erm... stomach... is um.. not exactly PG.

  2. If I recall insects can have ears on their legs. Just imagine this lady has a nasal cavity in her stomach. When she sneezes, she sneezes alien egg bogeys. My son's not questioned it though.

    Anyway, since when has the 40k universe ever been PG, there's only war...