Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Throne of Skulls March 2014 - the interim report.

Sorry for the delay in this, most of my post Thrones news has been shared on Facebook but I've been trying to start preping what is to come. I think the picture indicates the Brood 'done good'! Throne of Skulls - March 2014 saw me win Best Painted army as voted for by the 100+ competitors. I am truly honoured and  once again makes up for that Toymaster debacle! My games were also great fun and although I didn't do as well as Battle Brothers I did do better than the last ToS.

My mates were also rewarded for their efforts. Otty was once again nominated for best army and so was Liam who also won best painted Monstrous Creature, best painted Vehicle/Engine, best army list for his updated Chaos Space Marine Helmet and also managed to win best Chaos Space Marine player. In fact on the way home we realised that if he'd remembered the last game that his Heldrakes were scoring he could have won the game instead of a draw and he would have won the tournament outright! The only thing we didn't win as a group was the pub quiz, best painted Hero [infantry character] and the prize for most Heroic Act in the game. Oh and obviously the best Fortification category was dropped :(

It was quite a weekend and when Nick said it was "Dave's Tyranids" that was the winner I honestly didn't realise he was meaning me, as I hoped to hear "Dave Weston". I was hoping but you can't tell with these things and the competition was fierce across the nominees, from cleanly executed Eldar to gruesome Iron Warriors full of executions ;), Imperial Knights with LED eyes and Gretchin pretending to be Imperial Guard I was lucky to be chose and luckier still I could actually fit the Skyshield in the cabinet. Two Capillary Towers had to be removed and even then it could only go in one side where the sliding door gave it a little more room but meant the inner door couldn't slide back or it would hit the landing pad - I never thought about that did I?!

The weekend was an absolute blast. I didn't do great with the 'nids but I did do better than the last time that I went to Throne of Skulls. My use of Stronghold Assault to mitigate the Lord of War threat came to nought because I didn't face any! I did get to play against 'nids, Chaos Space Marines, Dark Eldar, Nurgle Chaos Daemons and Ork Bikers so make of that what you will for the upcoming battle reports, not to mention the pre tournament pick up match I had with Scott using my old nemesis - Ben's Necrons

We had a right royal laugh though and the five of us had some serious fun amongst the incessant dice rolling. I also played against some top blokes and once again Warhammer World surpassed itself with the way it held the event and looked after those that were attending. I can't believe this is the trophy I got!

It looked nice at GW HQ too!

And the beard brought me luck as I continue on my 'hobo with a shotgun' impression, Liam no doubt happy with his haul in the background.

Anyway, I'll leave you of a couple of pictures of how I managed to fit everything in and try and work up some of the Battle Reports, I'll try and be as quick as possible but please bare with me, there's over 300 pictures to sort through. Below you can see where one of the Capillary Towers was removed over the digestion pit, worked quite well I think.

and one in the back was detached too, I even got my shattered Aquila underneath with some of my older Termagants that don't quite meat today's standard.