Monday, 31 March 2014


Who knows, maybe GW will take the idea above and run with it...
400,000 hits and once again I've managed to get the next 100,000 in record time. There's not much I can say except as 'keeping score goes' it's always nice to see people coming along and enjoying the blog. It obviously takes a lot of time and effort, I spend far too much time writing than I probably should but it's the addiction that's compelling me to do so. Slightly better for me than Class A drugs though, but they're probably a cheaper alternative to plastic toy soldiers!

The blog is going nowhere, I'm not sure what I've got to feature over the next few months, I definitely have plans but I'd love to have that list of half a months scheduled blogposts like I used to, maybe I should just finish up the 22 posts I have in draft format! We'll get there, but best of all we'll get there together!

Thanks again to everyone who visits, you make it all worthwhile, although I'm sure at Wargamers Anonymous you'd be labelled 'enablers' but I appreciate you regardless.