Tuesday, 6 August 2013

My, my, mycetic spore

Had a game with my mate Ben the other night, made more interesting by an old friend Scott stopping by to show off his ruptured Achilles Tendon. I didn't record the match, something I probably regret now, particularly as I ran a three Spore Pod list!

We called it a draw in the end, it was going to go into turn 6 but it was 1:00am and even though I had most of the objectives Ben had Slay the Warlord, First Blood and a VP from Big Guns. It certainly wasn't impossible for him to get Liebreaker to draw even with me and my secondary objective scores. The real excitement though was he had a bunch of Orks assault my Mycetic Spore and finally it got to mash someone up big style. With hindsight there were some Orks who weren't in base contact who would have got to hit first but it squished two Orks flat before a Nob cut him up with his Power Klaw.

Still, it finally happened so I thought I'd share.