Thursday, 29 August 2013

MOAR from my mate Liam - Nurgle Heldrake / Helfly, Fly 2 and Land Raider

Liam sent me more pics of his Nurgle Heldrake - the Helfly as he's calling it. This is the first one all painted up, as seen in our little Throne of Skulls mini-tournament

A thing of unnatural beauty.

And here's the Helfly 2, 'Like father, like son'. Slightly different this one but no less worrying as it buzzes the battlefield. I'm hoping that my Dark Angels might be able to employ a Spotlight which would force it to repeatedly headbutt whatever vehicle it's mounted on until it's knocked senseless - that should be a new rules errata!

Here's the step-by-step process for those interested.

You can begin to see the components and where Liam has kitbashed bits and scratchbuilt others.

Plasticard edging and 'greystuff' sculpting for added 'chaos'.

That's a big ammo-feed belt.

Undercoats ready to be painted as it's daddy.

Side view.

Lastly here's the Nurgle Land Raider, the current kit remodeleld to look like a Proteus, I think Liam sculpted and cast his own tracks for this.

Adding Nurgelesque fleshy growth and fibres here and there to tie it in with the Obliterators.

Lets hope that Spotlight doesn't attract the Helfies, could be an interesting 'own goal' if GW were to follow up my rules errata.

And the other side.

No doubt Liam or one of my other buds will have some more of their efforts to share in the futures but any questions, comments or praise just leave them below.