Thursday, 25 July 2013

The fickle finger of fate!

I had a a game with PeteB last night. He's recently offloaded his Grey Knights and Imperial Guard and returned to space pixies, sorry Eldar. He's also picked up some MDF for a battleboard but asked for me to bring my Terrain. Anyway this isn't a battle report, I just wanted to play without the pressures of recording it and even with only 1000pts on the board it was 12:30am before I got home!

The point of the post is that we'd spent a good deal of time chatting about the terrain and moreso about the Tyranid Bastion. I've got it there on the baord with two Biovores inside. First turn it gets shot by a Bright Lance making it AV14, and then on the Building Damage table Pete gets a 6 +1 for AP2  = 7 DETONATION!. The whole thing blows up killing the two Biovores giving him First Blood and a VP for the Heavies as it was Big Guns Never Tire.

So, after all that preamble the Bastion was a complete bust, if I'd not had the Biovores inside I think I'd have been better off - a valuable lesson learned. Of course that's the nature of the game in that the first outing the Bastion lasted the entire game, despite being repeatedly targetted and then at Battle Brothers I'm not even sure it was shot at once except for being hit by some Tau Markerlights. You never can tell.

Anyway, next update on the Bastion is tomorrow, although I apreciate there's few surprises anymore but we'll carry on regardless.