Thursday 28 January 2021

'nids 307 - Tyranid Void Shield Generator part 8

Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity this couple got married 21 year's ago today! You won't believe what they look like now! Yes it's my wedding anniversary and I'm celebrating by sharing my #Tyranid Void Shield Generator.


When we left it last I'd surged ahead with some basecoats and washes, then took a step back with adding in some extra veins and then my Nurgle trio took over thanks to that 'setback' of sorts. But with the trio complete I did what I'd planned to do and did my Red Planet BASE!

Thankfully it still matches after all these year's of execution [maybe not some of the original bases]. Hopefully when my last 3 tubes of Vermillion Artists Craft Acrylic runs out I can source some more... Anyway, I also threw on some Army Painter Bonewhite for the bone areas.

And drybrushed vermillion everywhere that was fleshy. I also did a Bloodletter glaze on the centre bit.

Not 100% convinced of this just yet, but I need to be patient and recall the Skyshield was equally challenging at this stage and it was only some blue and purple added that gave me some extra depth and dimension to it.

So, thankfully I had the good sense to go back to that post to help me prepare to get through this stage. ordinarily I'd have just not bothered. Why on earth should I leverage a decade of my own hobby content to make my current hobby challenges easier? I can be so silly sometimes. 

So I gets me this season's Great Big Granite Big Build Base Stamp of Approval.

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  1. Great work! Really nice to see your scratch built terrain get some more love.

    1. Of course, once this is complete I don't have anything else started; which means I may finally have to consider the Tyranid Prometheum Relay Pipes...! 😳

  2. Thats looking great, really like the design and execution.

    1. Thanks, I'd do it a bit differently now. Having seen the Imperial version I wouldn't have the Capillary Tower spine, but three emitters, with smaller nodes at the top. I'd still have the bowl base, maybe slightly smaller and perhaps raise it up a little bit more... I'd also use one of the old craters as a starting point. You've got me thinking now!