Monday, 14 June 2021

Whats on my palette?

Bless me #warmongers for I have sinned, it's been almost six months since my last confession! I've known exactly what I needed to paint so it didn't really require an overview to keep track.

I was reasonably productive over this period and only have these 4 items still on my immediate palette:
  • Adeptus Titanicus - at least one Warhound
  • Adeptus Titanicus - weapons
  • Blackstone Fortress - Amallyn Shadowguide [she was in my review last Feb!]
  • Deathwing Land Raider
But most of those are either voluntarily or involuntarily on hiatus and I need to think about what I really should be focussing on. I know I just posted about the Halfling test model but that is interim 'busy work' to keep my momentum and won't be sustainable once it's complete. So, the thing that has popped into my head is #ArmiesOnParade2021. Early? True but these are what I might need.
  • Dark Angel Macragge Tactical Squad
  • Ravenwing Talon Master
  • Aegis Defence Line weapon mount
  • Munitorum Containers...
  • And the Deathwing Land Raider
The Tactical Squad is a huge challenge - I'm just not into them. The Talon Master may not be needed for the AoP board, but certainly the metals can be done concurrently with the Tactical squad which puts me close to getting it done also. The weapon mount too is an extension to the tac squad and might look cool in the display. The Munitorum Containers may not be necessary, but might be interesting to throw up inbetween tasks.

I'll also be finishing off the Land Raider, it's just a little bit to do really, with the decals. And I'll continue with the odd Blood Bowl Halfling while I'm at it. But all these will give me something new to form part of my display. It'll predominantly be my existing armies, so I need something fresh to add, but I think it'll be an interesting new narrative display this time round. Part of me also wants a 22"x30" board as it will display better that way, but I don't have a 30" backdrop either. We'll see how it goes.  I'm hoping to get these things done as soon as possible so I can practice the display, we'll just have to see.

Importantly, it gives me focus and a goal. That deadline may not yet be set but I can get a headstart on it and feel motivated to get stuff done.

Friday, 11 June 2021

Blood Bowl - Halfling Team - Test Model

Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity I've started #paintingwarhammer on my Halfling #BloodBowl team. The Land Raider is paused, while I try to resolve the decal situation and I didn't want to go back to the Titans, so it was test model. I wanted to get some practice on the face and the kit. The face was coming along really well and then I decided to add eyebrows...

Big mistake, I was not taken by them at all. he reminds me of an actor, but I can't place which one, actually is it Scorsese? Anyway, I wasn't having it. I added some orange to the armour plates.

And then yellow to make the 'crackling'. I did brown edging but I may mix that up - some with brown some with all yellow. As you can see I also painted over the eyebrows and despite it being a cheat I think he works much better. I added a little more purple round the nose to get a very flushed face. I also painted some belly fluff, which looks gross and cool and also makes me miss the plain belly I had originally - mixed emotions.

The feet are my least favourite element, I do love the knuckles and elbow though, I got some tips from the Art of War's painting tutorial.

Now I was focussing on one miniature as a test, but as I had excess paint in certain instances I used it on a couple of other players. So I've got the yellow done on this, although I've thinking an addition highlight might be needed. That might work our when I've done the crackling criss-cross.


This guy also got some yellow done. I maybe should have done his dinner plate number badge with the yellow. I may do one some different ones, like a camping plate - ceramic white with blue rim. A silver one etc. Just play around for a bit of fun.


I have to take the plunge and do the pure white highlight on the clothes next in preparation for the fluoro pink. I have to be brave and remember my Tyranid Void Shield Generator efforts and how well they came out.

Really pleased with the test so far. Need to move them along but I am feeling a little drained at the moment and given the pause in the Land Raider really need to focus on what's next...

Wednesday, 9 June 2021

Inspiration is a chain

Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity in July 2012 we were just getting 40k 6th edition. I'd fallen off the hobby wagon a couple of years earlier. The painting aspect was progressing - I was happy with my results and being productive. I'd also started a blog, designed my own terrain templates and built some of my own Imperial terrain but I wanted to do more. Combining my first major success - conversion of a Tyranid Carnifex to Tervigon and 6th edition's new found love of fortifications and it was potential Tyranid structures that caught my imagination. I searched all over the place, well Google did most of the heavy lifting and I came across these by Mr. Pink [a.k.a. Modern Synthesist]. The idea of using fruit pots as a base for more organic alien walls was genius. I have an A-level in Art, had specialised in sculpture and clay, I could find a way to mold some of these out of Milliput.

Within a month I had started my own. The naivety of using greyboard as a base - convinced it wouldn't warp [it didn;t reall, I was very lucky]. The ingenuity of stapling the reversed pot between the two main pieces. The stupidity of using your own Aegis wall templates as the scale, when you'd got those sizes wrong and essentially built a defence line that was just too big and legally you would never be able to use all 4 long pieces! 😫

And they came out pretty cool, even if it was before I settled on my Red Planet BASE! showcase pics, enjoy the pleather!

But that gave me the confidence to go even further with my next build - Tyranid Bastion. Arguably my most difficult build ever, but at this stage I had no idea what was still to come.

I built 6 Capillary Towers with a secret agenda all along that nobody twigged.

I had a shadow project running all along - making a Tyranid Skyshield Landing Pad that slid into slots in the Capillary Towers to create the platform. It would even get fleshy walls too, eventually. Completed over 6 months on and off - testament to perseverance and patience.

I'd spend another 6 years [more off than on, obviously] realising another vision of a Tyranid Void Shield Generator. And I think it was this that kind of brought some of this full circle.

I'd repeatedly shared comments with Mr. Pink about his inspiration all those years ago and he also bought the Necron half of my Indomitus box, which I sent to Canada for a crazy new future at his hands. Shortly thereafter he messaged me to say he had something he wished to share with me, and eventually I received this in the post.

What treasures lie within?

Inspiration come home...

Yes indeed, one of the first casts of Mr Pink's alien barricades.

All primed and ready to go.

But that wasn't all...

How about the original sculpt as well, so I can see in detail how it was made in sections.

Using a mix of Apoxie sculpt and green stuff.

Additionally, there was an alien xenoforming pod. This one is slightly unfinished but I think the completed ones had LED tea lights in to glow with an alien light.  

As you can see part of it needs filling in and I may one day consider doing that and even painting them up, but for now I'm just overjoyed about the generosity.


Compared with my own efforts - a little taller and much more detail. There's even some guitar wire in there for extra alien ribbage.

The inside detail is amazing in comparison. I'd say I was just starting out, but I'd probably still do much the same nowadays anyway!

And comparing the xeno-pod with my own Quad-gun.

I'd probably start with a fruit pot like this second time around. Using a plastic cork resulted in the 'mushroom-esque' shape of mine, when a blob would have been better.

Mr Pink described this inspiration as a chain - linking us across an ocean. How he inspired me and how I may well be inspiring others. That's the greatest gift of the hobby - sharing what we do. Being brave enough to put it online. Not worrying if it follows any prescribed lore but scratching that creative itch in our brains - the vision you cannot just leave there. How you sketch it in a noteboook. Buy fruit pots and noodle bowls because you can turn then into bizarre alien constructs and when the dust [or slime] settles you look back at your creation and realise you made it, as well as painted it. You made it from scratch, from bits of rubbish, clay and string and all because you saw someone else do something similar. Have a think and see if you want to be part of this chain too.

Monday, 7 June 2021

Dark Angels - Deathwing Land Raider Redeemer - Last chance to dance

Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity I'm still #paintingwarhammer on my Dark Angels Deathwing Land Raider Redeemer. But these will be the last pics for a while. It is almost finished, I've applied all the blessed verdigris, lenses etc. However, I wanted to see if a big number and text would look OK.

So I Photoshopped it on. Now the left is how I originally envisaged it, but the right is how Titans would see it. I can't decide which would be better. Regardless I'd need printable decal paper if I wanted to go down this route.


I was also speculating about a number in the centre of the quartered heraldry on the front.

And yes, a big number 1 will make that look better.

I bit the bullet and went with red lenses on the tank hatches, but they seem a bit lost. Do you think green ones would be better?

Green ones?

Red lense on the Multi-melta sill stay red.

Orange and red lenses on the heavy flamers. I'm not sure I want to Tamiya Clear them...

I'll lose some of the effect if I do.

The lights will definitely have Tamiya Clear Red X-27 added, but the lenses don't seem to need it, just a drop of gloss varnish.

This light will also be Tamiya Clear Red X-27.

And the back, still debating whether to add orange weathering powder in the grooves of the tracks.

It might be perceived as rust, which it's not. It's the red dust from Ferron Proxima. I may try and Photoshop that too...

Friday, 4 June 2021

Dark Angels - Deathwing Land Raider Redeemer - Battle damage

Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity I'm still #paintingwarhammer on my Dark Angels Deathwing Land Raider Redeemer. That's right I've not been put off  again and why would I? I'm painting loads of scratches on my Land Raider. Now this is just Citadel Rhinox Hide, or VGC Charred Brown. In fact I put both on my Pringles lid palette and the slight difference meant there was subtlety to the scratches. I'd only done the scratches on the left hand side at this stage, but sponged on damage  over most of the model.

It was then to go in with some pure white to add highlights to the scratch edges. However, the more I did, the more I felt it was unrealistic in places. So I did not do very much at all. I'll admit this is far from actual realism, but it's more realistic than I'd normally do and artificially adding depth with highlights just seemed too fake.

That said, some of the sponging is proper obvious and yet I couldn't bring myself to find a way to fix it.

The front access door got more chipping and scratches but made me realise how is a Terminator supposed to disembark from this. I know the top bit rises up, but not that much or it'll hit the Assault Cannon and even so the termie will have to duck to get under the door hinge. I won't even mention the Deathwing Sergeant with the massive angel wings on his carapace...

It's at this stage I start to feel it's the final stretch, but there is still loads more to do.

I want to add some sepia stains and marks to add some extra depth to the darker browns I've just added.

I just spotted that Mechanicus symbol needs highlighting, and the nameplate on the engine cover. 

I need to reconcile all the blessed verdigris and decide about the tracks - verdigris and red weathering powder, just weathering powder or none at all?

All the lenses need doing and smoke and heat bloom on respective weapons.

Are there any decals to add - that white/red quartered heraldry is looking mighty empty and clean, maybe even some scratches just to tie it in.

Do these tracks need anything else?

The door is ok, the track fairings work a lot better than the door though.

And do I consider that big number 1 and litany script on the top of the track covers?

I'm stuck though as I have momentum and I'm thinking too much about this. It is now considerably better than I hoped it would be and I must remember I kept on saying not to have high hopes for it as I may never even use it. Even if it was rubbish it'd be finished and it is far from rubbish now. I still wish I had done a massive off-centre angled Deathwing badge on the top but it just wouldn't work with the details on the doors.