Saturday 30 January 2016

GW Manchester

I was in the Arndale in manchester the other week and I thought I may as weel pop into the GW for some Warplock Bronze, as a I'm running low - all these metallics! While I was in there I took this picture of some frankly awesome set of terrain tables. I love the height to these, allowing battle on different levels. What's even more impresive is by the looks of it once the sort the city tiles out in the right hand picture this could very well be a complete board, possibly 18' long!

Also of note is the scratchbuilt ship in the picture on the right and the Age of Sigmar floating rocks in the picture on the left. With hindsight I should have taken more pics of these but I was in a hurry, maybe next time.

Friday 29 January 2016

Imperial Knight - in manufactorum pt 9

Onwards and upwards. Although the he knight seems to have become my majority focus, I'm still flitting between projects. Here I started to add in the texture on the bronze. I never quite know how I feel about this, the layers are pretty simple to do but the amount of it does make it a bit laborious to do so I end up wanting to just get it done. I also was a bit forgetful over the exact process, so I have the cerastus on hand to try and match up [of course I could try reading my own blog right?]

Although I'm not sure the technique is too important as I'm pretty sure successive stippling and a variety of washes will result in an impressive finish regardless. And any verdigris will most doubt cover up anything I never intended anyway! So at this point I add a little extra stipple/drybrush of Warplock Bronze to the shadow washed metal, sometimes I wish I could just stop here...

Next up was Balthasar Gold, that's the one on the left, the right is still to be done.

I then continued on the legs. Where I wanted a Brass colour I was more liberal and applied it neatly, elsewhere it's just a weathered highlight of the bronze so it was just drybrushed so it enhance the look instead of overpowering it.

Legs and shin guards were done.

The real advantage fot doing this aspect of the paint is it feels like you've reached quite an important milestone. Once the metallics are done that feels like at least a third has been dealt with, despite having not yet completed this part. But it feels like an accomplishment anway because I know it's such a big part of the painting. Once that's done it'll be
  • picking out the pipework, 
  • armour plates
  • heraldry markings
  • bronze weathering
  • battle damage
  • plasma glows
Which covers most of everything, no doubt I'll have to fit some other bits in and certainly some mettalices are still to be done - like handles round the cockpit but they have to bedone late rin the process.

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Thursday 28 January 2016

Tidy mind/tidy workspace

With the Man Cave's case of Nurgle's Blight [which I've been keeping on top of and preventing outbreaks with judicious anti-mould spray applications] I've been a little down on the whole hobby room enjoyment but I realised in part it was becaus of how untidy my workspace was. I'm untidy at the best of time but the apathy and constant shifting of the paint table meant I just didn't care. The fact is I sit facing the computer anyway so the paint space is irrelevant. It was annoying me though and depsite not wanting to sacrifice a good deal of hobby time rectifying the situation I arrived at a moment where that was possible, because there really wasn't very much else I could do in that time.

Now some would say this isn't much better, and I admit since this picture it's begun to deteriorate yet again. However, I cannot underestimate the feeling I got from this experience. I'm sure there's a single word, like schadenfreude, untranslatable from another language that would explain the feelings I had whilst doing it. It's a sensation I've had numerous times before of 'rediscovering something long lost, like a memory from childhood', it's a peculiar mental process that then evolves into an emotinal one, not unlike losing The Game [Tom Widdows]. It's quite a nebulous emotion that when I feel it I keep reaching inside to capture why it make me feel that way.

Of course that all sounds like a whole load of nonsense but this is the hobby slump time of the year and I'm trying to harvest positive feelings when everything else is seeking to drag me down and stop progress - and yes I've been struggling with that due to:
  • Numerous tasks at hand
  • Sheer amount of dull and tedious jobs that are the priority
  • Lack of completed To Do items
  • Man Cave mould
  • Bad weather
  • Fatigue
They've all combined to sap will and its worth me noting that a simple tidy up has done wonders to my psyche, so I best keep it up and not leave it so long next time.

Wednesday 27 January 2016

'nids part 182 - 6 Stealers

There was me bemoaining the slow progress of my forces of the Imperium and then I take a little detour to do Genestealers! What the flip?! Rest assured I pretty much loathe doing them so I takee no pleasure in scampering off to the Hive for a bit. These 6 were done over three nights btu in concert with my Imperial bits too.

I managed to paint all the legs and chests in one night, they're the easiest bits really. Then the next night I did the arms, back and head on one and the head and backs on the remaining 5. Night three had me finish of the 20 arms, which of course are split in two parts and I have to rotate them to get top, right, bottom, left sides - this is why I hate Stealers! Of course I was riddled with doubt prior to this on whether to go full bonewhite or add in some Chitin colouring on the back. I haven't gone full bonewhite since my first Stealers so snap-decisioned to see how they would look. Of course a better decision would have been based on disposition of miniatures so I could find ways to group them safely into broods but we'll go with it.

That currently gets me 16 of my 31 Stealers basecoated in bonewhite. I'm really regretting not using a Bonewhite primer now. With hindsight the bases and all the red fleshy bits could have been added quicker than using that as the undercoat and cutting in all the bonewhite colours. That realisation, alongside the reminder I hate painting them was one of the reasons they've been stagnating for a month or two but now I'm over half way I feel a little more relieved.

Of course this is only the basecoat of one colour. I still have the blues to do and then the washes and then it's the highlights - which for each coat will take just as long , if not longer than the they did to basecoat. I've just done a quick estimate of time
  • 9 days - Bonewhite base coats [15 models at 3 days per 5]
  • 2 days - shadow wash
  • 18 days - Bonewhite highlight 1 [31 models at 3 days per 5]
  • 18 days - Bonewhite highlight 2 [31 models at 3 days per 5]
  • 2 days - Chitin highlight 1
  • 2 days - Chitin highlight 2
  • 3 days - Claws
  • 1 day - teeth and eyes
  • 1 day - wraithbone chips on bases
  • 3 days - varnishing
These are rough estimates and may be speeded up or delayed but that's  59 days of work right there! Ho hum! Will have to measure that to see how accurate an estimate it is [once again I don't like to keep track of time spent so why would I be doing this?]

Monday 25 January 2016

Imperial Knight - in manufactorum pt 8

Aah, the opportunity to get back to some nid, welcoming me inot the Hive Mind's warm embrace!If I'm honest though, those chitin striations are pretty ropey though! Not to worry I'll probably be covering this with a lot of blood and gore so it doesn't really matter[unless it's brain matter!].

I did rather like the darker soft-tone washed bonewhite but it doesn't fit with my current lighter version of my colour scheme and the subsequent highlights do work much better. I've got to pick out a couple of those fleshy ridges on the legs and then a few fine highlights, pick out the hooves and any other odd thing but it'll probably all be covered in blood splatter anyway...

With the base almost finished things feel like they're progressing. However, with so much still to do and by simultaneously doing the same elements on various projects it's also a little overwhelming. It's a pretty bi-polar affair at the moment, pleased to have got everything shadow washed then depressed at the thought they then have to have all the metallics done - three or four lots of highlights with washes too, then weathered. Then I paint the coloured panels then add the battle damage and I have to do that for all the weapon options too!

And all the time I'm doing this on the Knight the bikes and the jetfighter I'm thinking about my Tyranid VSG and the Dark Angel Tac squad that should be my number 1 priority. I mean I've finished my Azrael conversion and Dark Angels Company Captain but not varnished them - two To Done's just waiting for ten minutes of attention! To help combat this I've resorted to session planning - actually writing down tasks I hope to achieve each session. Actually achieve isn't quite right, these are just things I want to focus my attention on during the next session, just get my efforts in order. Which can be a bit odd for someone who refused to 'keep score' of their progress. Still, ever onwards.

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Saturday 23 January 2016

Dark Angels - Jefighter!!

The vast majority of my projects at the moment are at mundane but necessary stages so sadly my posts will reflect this. The Jetfighter is now magnetised and ready for painting, I'm not 100% happy with the magnets on the antennas, they don't hold it as steady as I'd like but hwne I put a 2nd set on I should have used a 5x5mm Magnetix on the fuselage, instead I went with 3x2.

I need to prepare the cockpit but as the windows will be Tamiya Clear Red X-27 I'll probably not need to do too much in the way of highlights. I've even printed off a red box onto acetate so I can see something similar to my eventual vision of how it will be. As you can see it may not require much painting, the Tamiya Clear Red X-27 will opefully be a little more tranpsarent but a lot of the interior will be obscured.

  I'm doing the metals bronze - so no problems there, but the black is the issue. There's no texture on this, like the black on my Cerastus, so I'm apprehensive about. I'm apprehenisve about all the Ravenwing, which is why they're languishing, still I'll get round to it.

Thursday 21 January 2016

Games night at Ben's

Ben invited us roundfor a games night, sadly it was just PeteB and I that could make it but we had a pretty fun game of X-wing. He wanted to do something different to the usual 40k so Pete brought his new Force Awakens expansion and went Rebel/Resistance scum and Ben and I upheld the might of the Empire/First order I controlled the Tie Interceptors, Ben was the Tie Fighters. My Obsidian pilot was obscenely good, putting two damage on the A wing. He eventually blew it to pieces [do I get First Blood?]

As the game progressed we all had to navigate round this group of asteroids in the centre of the board. The B-wing took aim at the Tie Fighter and would subsequently destroy it.

Mid way through the game and my Red Interceptor has just pulled a U-turn, which in all my experiences so fa has always proven costly...

and so it was again as he was blown to pieces by Poe Dameron [well he has to have done something to jusify that 'best pilot in the galaxy' title!]/

Ultimately it came down to Poe and one of the First order Tie Fighters, which was blown up giving PeteB the win. We then followed up with a game of Ticket to Ride Europe, which Ben won, all good fun, hopefulyl we'll do it again.

I also got to check out Ben's Red Planet BASE! for his new Mechanicum army, mmm looks like fruit cake.

He'd been debating the design and eventually got there after looking at lava planets and the like. I suggested he just tone down the black, just use it as an accent colour to break up the surface - obsidian chips on the martian Earth. C'mon it worked for my wraithbone! I really love them and the resin bases look so cool.

Here's his test model Skitarii to go with it.

Tuesday 19 January 2016

Imperial Knight - in manufactorum pt 7

I followed up the undercoat by putting the Red Planet Base layers down. As you can see the additional medium sized sand grains are much more obvious now compared to the area at the front just to the right of the large vertical pebble shard. The PVA really did a job on moulding the sand together, I had to add the second pass of sand to get any decent definition.

I also went about bronzing the legs and I've obviously got two Termagants on the base to paint as well! Bonewhite chips need doing but I'm debating the colours of the cockpit interior so may Bonewhite that, even though I've not built that into anything. I'm just hoping the resticted view, dark interior and a mix of washes and a little trompe l'oeil might make it look like a detailed cockpit.

Here's most of the other bits having been bronzed or awaiting Warplock Bronze - good stuff.

While I was painting the knight base I also did the base on a small corner section from a Sanctum Imperialis kit I have knocking around. This is actually one of my random terrain pieces to do in my Hobby Season along with the main structure that doesn't have a base. They'll both be red but with bronzed 'skirting boards' and then the interiors will be a distrssed light colour, as if they'd actually painted the interior a different colour! It'll most likely be bonewhite to try and keep things consistent throughout but I'll try and twist it a bit so it's not completely the same as always

Of course all that extra detail means it's not the quick job it could be and I have to get the painting order right in my head too - which colours will cause the most mess so I do them first allowing the more controlled applications to cover up the stray brush strokes and to ensure I only need to add washes a couple of times intead of repeatedly.

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Sunday 17 January 2016

1500pt NOT a battle report - Dark Angels v Orkses

I had a game with Ben just before Christmas and before I knew it I hadn't actually taken any pictures so there wasn't much point trying to do a battle report thereafter. I did take few pictures, just because they looked pretty cool and sadly I can't remember much of what happened anyway. I thought I'd share the pics and try and recall some observations [such as they are]. We played a Maelstrom game, the one with ever decreasing amounts of objectives - from 6 down to 1 I think. The Orkses pulled out an overwhelming victory with VPs in the teens compared to my single digit score [or 11 at the most, I don't recall]

Ben drew some very helpful objective cards, usually the objectives already in his deployment zone and then compounded his success with cards that rewarded holding more objectives than me, which early on in the game was eminently doable. Typically my Bastion was destroyed once again, it's becoming par for the course now so I actually look forward to seeing it come tumbling down [I'll have to ensure I always take a crater with me].

The Cerastus was a beast, he did almost all of my damage, loping about the field stomping on all and sundry. Ben's a bit down on the whole issue of Knights, in particular the way Stomps can remove swathes of models in one go. That said he did put 5 hull points on the Lancer [I managed to repair one with my Techmarine] so he scored an additional VP alongside his mission cards and was close to destroying the knight outright. As he'd destroyed almost everything else I don't think in this instance it caused an imbalance in the game but I can appreciate given it caused most damage to him it can be considered over-powered, although it needed it to balance the lackings in the rest of my list.

I did have one mission card to make 3 challenges, which I achieved but in the process lost a Tactical sergeant, drew another match up and killed and Ork with my Techmarine - win, lose and draw. And additionally my Ravenwing Sergeant was once again armoured with some mighty damage defying power armour. He saved out of his skin, much to Ben's annoyance, but I think did eventually fall to wait of Ork numbers.

I'm pretty sure I had very little left on the board by the end, mainly the Knight and a few other models, I'd been overwhelmingly beaten ['crushing victory' I believe is the official term, aka twisting the knife!] but it was a good game and I really do like moving just one big beast around, it even makes me look at the Knight Gallant with Thunderstrike Gauntlet and Reaper Chainsword with fresh eyes. The weaponry doesn't seem to do half as much damage as when they get down and dirty and although Ben dislikes them in your face he did the most damage when I brought the fight to him. There's definitely a level of honesty about going all assault with your knight, although for the most part the Lancer fulfils that role too, without the shenanigans of a stubber and a big gun to line up different choices to assault.

Friday 15 January 2016

Imperial Knight - in manufactorum pt 6

It's this time of the year that usually the hobby slump kicks in. Having most of Christmans off, lots of late nights, lie-ins, the dark and miserable days [and we won't mention the fact I have to go out to the Man Cave now which is less appealing] means quite often I get demotivated. The fact is I'm keeping my mojo ticking over, doing tedious but essential jobs. I'm slightly overwhelmed by what I still have before me but thats down to trying to do lots of things at once so progress is much slower. That being said the night is getting a lot of attention [for the time being] I want to get him based and basecoated, possibly with washes too and then try and move onto other things. Funnily enough the 1.5-2 hours hobby time that used to be beyond my patience now feels more like a limitation, I just want to get on.

Now the Knight has been 'textured', following the same principle as the Cerastus I stippled on Vermilion art acrylic. I looked for a black or even a green in Home Bargain but no joy. I;ve got loads of the Vermilion though so just went at it. I also figured that when I did the highlights on the Lancer I stippled a couple of times so I did two coats of stippling to build up the texture. I may live to regret this as the paint dries with an almost rubbery feel so I have serious reservations about how this will cope should it be scraped by a nail or somesuch.

With that in mind I decided the basecoat would benefit from being a bit more hardwearing so I picked up a can of Army Painter Angel Green undercoat and spryaed it on top.

I'm definitely impressed with the spray, it provides a really good under/base coat. I'll be considering using it in addition to a black undercoat on future Dark Angels. But the texture has come out fantastic. Not sure if it'll be significantly more durable but it certainly feels like the green is bonded to the red and successive washes, colours, highlights and varnish will hoefully add further protection.

Not forgetting this is a plastic model anyway so they're a bit more forgiving when it comes to knocks and scrapes.

I keep dry fitting the beast which gives me a thrill, wastes time as I build up/break down all the parts. The remainign red bits and metallics are next.

I'm also Warplock Bronzing anything else that needs doing - some odd Ravenwing bikes, the remaining Knight weapons, some terrain pieces and the Jetfighter so there'll be a really mess of odd things that will depress me as nothing feels like it's getting finished but in the long run those tedious jobs that have to be done are being done at the right time.

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Wednesday 13 January 2016

40kaddict Towers - 3 months on

If you saw the news over Christmas you'll know certain parts of Lancashire, Cumbria and Scotland got a bit wet. In fact Croston, a village just a few miles up the road was all over the National news thanks to the level of damage suffered. Croston is in fact where Otty lives but I think he avoided the worst of it. His wife was offering to care for other folks kids while they cleared any damage so I imagine that level of charity means you're not suffering as much.

For me though this was my garden, with it's impromptu water feature. There were some doubts but I was convinced the man cave would not be flooded and very glad of the base we had put down. This was the worst flooding we've ever had but from past experience we knew it could potentially happen. I think I'll be confident the shed base will overcome such a downpour in the future.

On the plus side the drainage of the field behind has been improved over the last five years so you can see just how much water receded over 24 hours after the rain stopped.

Of course the flooded path did provide me with ample opportunity to play with my new Christmas toy from my brother - an Orvibo WiFi enabled plug socket. Using the WiWo app on my phone I'm able to switch the heater on/off, countdown or set timed use. So I can pre-heat the shed before I go or just turn it on off and to keep the cold at bay. Prior to this I'd put it on early one day and by the time I went in in the evening it was about 27° C in there. Not only did I have to take off my jumper I was contemplating stripping off my T-shirt too!

I also picked up a pair of Dunlop wellies, my Dad used to make these in Liverpool until they closed the factory. He spent a lot of time dismantling the injection moulding machines which were then shipped out to Portugal where these particular wellies were manufactured. Should the garden be flooded again I'm at least going to be able to get to the shed instead of playing hopscotch across some old roof tiles I spread out on the path while trying to avoid ending up on Fail Army [remember when that used to be You've Been Framed]

But the really big news about the man cave is that before Christmas I was devastated to discover I'd got mould inside. Just at the point where the right hand side of the computer desk and the other metal painting desk meet. There was also some mould at the back behind that little green storage box just visible on the floor. Now I'm pretty sure this has not come from outside, with hindsight I'm regretting using the old rug on the floor and when the computer desk was in the back room it was prone to mould there so I'm pretty sure I've brought the spores into the shed. In fact I've looked underneath the very bottom far right shelf and there is mould underneath it so I'm convinced I imported the issue

This discovery was deeply unsettling and I've since been battling an outbreak of mould every few weeks, luckily only in the same places. It's definitely prompted me to think about storage and access to those areas prone to outbreaks - corners and where the skirting boards would usually be. So I'll be looking to move stuff around when the weather gets better. I've also picked up some clear anti-mould paint. I will remove most of the large furniture, scrub it down with anti-mould spray and then coat them in the anti-mould paint. I'll also paint the bottom foot or so of the shed with the paint to further deter outbreaks. Lastly I'm looking to get an electric dehumidifier to help combat moisture in the air, currently I've got one of those moisture traps, which'll do for a couple of months.

The wife is quoting house-improvement guru Sarah Beeney and how it's ventilation that's the key, which is true but there are still drafts in the shed door and when I open it to go in/out that's also a lot of air circulation so I'm convinced if I can clear the majority of what's present and then put in place coatings to prevent regrowth then I may return to a sense of peace, otherwise me and Papa Nurgle are going to have some serious issues!