Wednesday 30 May 2012

Tuesday night's all right for fighting!

Tuesday night is gaming night at my local friendly gaming club but tonight was special for the guys as at the weekend they competed in the WPS Challenge Tournament. Having just competed in a local gaming club tournament and I believe coming 2nd to last there may not have been a lot of hope of success at the WPS. However the Lost Boys Gaming Club came 3rd overall and 1st in the 40k tournament. Well done to everyone apparently they said I can be classed as a 'Winner' too by 'association' ;) Next time I'll have to tag along and see what the 'big guys' get up to

Meanwhile I rocked up with my 1000pt list for  Warhammer World [7 days to go!] and Roy decided to take me on, a real challenge to trim down his Vendetta list. We had two objectives and set up was Dawn of War. In the end Roy's list was something like:
  • 2 Vendettas - Plasma Vets
  • 3 Guard squads, at least 10 in each squad
  • 1 Five man squad of Flamer vets
  • 2 Hydra Flak tanks
  • 1 Manticore Missile Launcher
I think that's the bulk of it

Once again no pics, I'm afraid. I'll try and take some next time, well it'll be Warhammer World so I expect a good few 'rolls of film' to be taken. Roy generously gave me a lot of advice during the game. I know I've talked in the past about being 'part' of the club and my experiences in being part of my kendo club. At kendo I was of senior grade to the rest of the members. As such it was my responsibility to help them improve, to adjust my practice to accommodate their ability and over advice and opportunity so they would get better. This is very similar at Lost Boys, presumably because they want a good game, not a walk in the park. the better I get the more challenging I am and therefore push them to improve. It also means if I join them in a tournament and they've asked me to come along a few times already, they know I can bring my 'game' to the table and do well, alongside having fun.

The game itself was great, Roy suggested if I let him go first because of Dawn of War he wouldn't be able to shoot me first turn. I could see his deployment and then choose to focus my deployment on just once section of the board, wipe that out and then steam roll the rest. Thankfully there was a large building in the middle of the board that could hide my Tervigon and Warrior/Prime unit first turn.

In my first turn the Warriors took cover in the shadow of the building and the Tervigon went round the side and Cluster Spined a squad of troops on the opposite side of the building. Having moved already I didn't get to spawn some Termagants, did that come back to haunt me AGAIN? Hormagaunts raced up the field.

Roys 2nd turn and the Warriors took a few hits from the Manticore and Las Cannon. Some wounds were taken and a Deathspitter was insta-killed. The tervigon may have taken a wound too.
My turn 2, Genestealers and Spore Pod came on. Genestealers on the right flank, next to the Manticore, 10 man squad, a Flak tank and a Vendetta. The Spore pod landed perfectly, behind the Vendetta and next to the Flak Tank. the Genestealers went on to multi-assault the Manticore and 10 man Squad which were whittled down a bit through Devgaunt fire once they exited the pod. The Manticore was blown to pieces and the squad was slaughtered. they later spent two turns thrashing the Flak tank, taking off weapons, shaking it and all sorts until one penetrating hit finally thrashed it.

The Warrior squad slowly got whittled down and I eventually had to remove the Prime and send him scuttling back to my objective because late in the game Roy made a backfield play for my objectives and thee Termagant brood I had in cover next to it were barbecued by the Vet flamers.

The Tervigon continued to take fire, amusingly he was shot by Plasma vets who both overheated and killed themselves leaving one unit leader with a las pistol left. However, their deaths were not in vain as they took the final wound of the Tervigon and it keeled over. The Trygon turned up in turn 3 I think. He survived his first turn as most of the fire was targeted at my scoring Hormagaunts. They'd conga lined through cover and captured Roy's objective. Next turn though the Trygon tore the second Hydra apart and then went on to eat most of the guard squad in the ruined building next to it.

By now it was a mad rush to try and get back to my own objective and still secure Roy's with my 4 remaining gaunts. Eventually they were reduce to two and as the Prime was killed I needed to get the Barbed Strangler warrior back to my objective and shoot the unit of Vets camping in the cover next to it. Because the Warrior moved the Gaunts failed their leadership as they were not in Synapse and legged it - BUGGER! The warrior failed to destroy the Vet squad, seriously? Just one died.

It went into turn 6 and 7, my genestealers had run the width of the board and needed to position themselves to either assault the Vets or the Vendetta contesting the objective. The Warrior tried to remove the Vets from the equation but the Barbed Strangler deviated onto itself and the Stealers, killing one, wounding the Broodlord and I believe killing the Warrior itself! By this time we called it a draw the only other thing of not was one Termagant that had been locked in combat with the sole remaining las-pistol toting unit leader from the unlucky plasma vets. We rolled to see who would die but they were forever to remain locked in melee.

A much better game on my part, helped mostly by Roy's generosity and tactical advice. He says I'm improving and having talked over some options I may well prepare a list with Hive Guard and Mawloc to to try and take out some of his Vendettas and artillery. He was very impressed with the Mawloc rules, describing it as a 'must take' so we'll see for next time.

Hope this hasn't been too tedious, I appreciate a battle report without pics isn't too great but it's useful for me at least as a record

Monday 28 May 2012

To done! - Deathwing

When I first started painting Citadel Miniatures I got a bundle of Dwarves on slotta bases and with shields that you could position onto a lump on their forearm thus making a shield boss. At the time I painted the shields all the same, a 'silver' [white is called silver in heraldic terms, or so a White Dwarf article once told me] field, quartered with scarlet. Essentially it's your captains heraldry below, or the far right Terminator.

Originally I'd left these at the Mechrite Red stage. I wasn't convinced so added a little bit of highlighting. I'm still not 100% convinced but with pretty much all of my Dark Angels I think I'm thinking too much which is essentially getting in the way of doing, but you all gathered that already.

The captain is done, I've never been great with eyes but he'll do. I marvel sometimes at how much detail some folk get out of this model I feel mins is a little bit hamfisted. The Agmetic Eye for instance is such a big 'blob' compared to some of the super detailed lenses I've seen elsewhere. I'm not 100% convinced about his leather kilt thing. The green isn't too great but anymore highlighting would have looked odd I think.

I like the sword, the colours tie in with the base and the rest of the miniature. I do however thinkit's one of those things you do that straddles coolness and sloppy painting at the same time. I can clearly see where brush stokes are 'accidental' in their effect but I flip between admiring and despairing of it so best not to continue dwelling on it. One issue does still stand, the solitary gem in the Captains Crux Terminatus... do I leave it as or add a little brass mount and a coloured stone?


I like the heraldry, I love the reconnection with my past, I'm not 100% happy with execution but happy enough. There's plenty of elements I'm ecstatic about but as a whole I'm not entirely sure they're as cohesive as they could have been. Once again it makes me think that perhaps I would have been better off doing a compeletly new chapter instead od pursuing one I had so much 'history' with. Black Templars perhaps or even Blood Angels...

But I am happy with the Ferron Crux Terminatus. It was definitely the right choice and at least from this angle they look like a solid cohesive unit.

And lets not forget the freehand Deathwing badges. Nor the first attempt at OSL lenses, which wasn't too shabby if perhaps scientifically backwards. The battle damage, which I applied in just a few places, which is OK and where it's not I just toned it down. The verdigris and bronze effects - lots of little lessons, which is perhaps why I do get that disharmonious feel to it.

So overall I think this is done. The mechrite red has gone on the base and I'm awaiting an order of Purity Seal to varnish them...

Saturday 26 May 2012

Eldar Fire Prism Crystal FX

Now that my Son is showing interest in his Eldar we're slowly getting back to his Fire Prism. I suggested we do the same technique of filling the crystal with a suitable Gel as the Plasma Generator, this was before I noticed the Plasma Generators 'evaporation protocol'. I did have a cool childrens toothpaste that was a really deep blue, with tiny metallic flecks in that would have been awesome but would not show up in contrast to the weapon barrel itself which would be blue to reflect the Iyanden colours scheme - yellow for the Falcon chasis and blue for the turret and cannon. So I opted for some yellow Johnson's baby shampoo.

I glued the crystal together then drilled a large hole in one end and a small air release hole in the base. Then I used blu-tac to form a seal between crystal and shampoo bottle and squeezed.

Eventually it filled up, but as you can see somehow the blu-tac got in the way and a small plug of tac ended up inside the crystal :( Nothing to do about that but I then thinned some Vermillion and had at the edges to try and show there was some glow effect happening, which I hoped to carry onto the crystal frame matrix.

Here's a quick dry fit of it in place, it looks dandy don't you think?

The full weapon.

Here it is against a black background and under lights which makes it look more dramatic and glowy.

But what about the firing crystal? I suddenly wondered what would happen if I mixed food colouring with gloss varnish and quickly mixed some up and anded up with this result. I think the mix was too much colouring as it didn't dry quite like this, the orange contracted significantly  in the end.

Here too was some glowy FX on the targeting heads-up displays, didn't look like this a few days later I can tell you.

Part of me feels that if we're supplied with these cool clear components you should use/enhance those properties instead of giving in and painting over them. However, the blu-tac in the focussing crystal expanded and fluffed up over the next few days and and air bubble somehow appeared, the end result was not what I expected. The firing crystal too was a let down. I'm sure if the ratio of varnish to colouring had been more the result would have been better but as it stood I took the easy option in the end and over painted the lot with Iyanden Dark Sun then painted my own crystalline graduation FX in place, that'll be fun to show you soon, although the cockpits remain clear.

Thursday 24 May 2012

I've only gone and ordered a...

... Tervigon!

Whilst I await my Purity Seal and Gale Force Nine Autumn Flock order from Maelstrom Games [nearly 4 weeks since despatch and 6 weeks since purchase :( ] I only went and saw a great deal at Wayland Games for the Tervigon.

Of course you all know I made my own from a Carnifex and I suppose I would have been happy with that but the scale is so wrong that at some point I'll probably be called on it, especially if I'm playing in tournaments. So I do need the proper model, and it does give me the opportunity to field two Tervigons and that way I can always swap them around to ensure there's always accurate Line of Sight etc.

Anyway, £28.70 with a voucher code for free postage! Will I try and paint this before the Warhammer World Tournament on June 6th...? I'll have a damn good shot at it!

GW Manchester Eldar

I've mentioned in the past the awesome Eldar army in the Manchester GW. They did a feature of it in What's New Today once but I can't find the actual link. I had opportunity to nip in a while back and take some snaps. The pics in no way do justice to the quality and creativity of the painting but maybe go some way encouraging you to check them out if you ever get chance.

First up some rather fetching brown Howling Banshees:

Then some Dark Reapers, the OSL on the missile launchers is quite cool.

Some very turquoise Swooping Hawks. This utilises the semi-metallic technique used in the entire army. Every colour has been mixed with a metallic paint or medium so they all have a pearlescent effect that is subtle and definitely other-worldly.

The Wraithlord is more representative of the majority of the Craftworld colour scheme. This subtle grey metallic effect washed with a sepia for the shadows and a pale metallic lilac for all the markings. Also of note is the green glow effect on the head, this is on all the Wraithguard too, as if some psychic glows is suffusing through the wraithbone construction. A lovely effect.

Wednesday 23 May 2012

The Return of my Gaming Crew

Last month I had a bit of an 'Old Ba$tards Reunion' with many of my Old Gaming Crew and got to chatting with one of the guys, Ben, who lives but a few minutes away (bottom left in the pic from the early 90's). Well he sent me a text the other day and asked if I wanted to nip round for a game? Taking into account last year he entered a tournament at Warhammer World and came 6th out of 200! How could I refuse?
Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures last night, maybe next time but it was a very interesting match-up. He'd given me fair warning he was going to use Necrons but I was thinking old-school - Warriors, Destroyers, Wraiths, Scarabs maybe a new Command Barge... Wrong!

For his 1,500pts he had
  • Command Barge with The Traveller Dude [with a Tachyon Arrow]
  • 3 [or was it 4] Annihilation Barges
  • Triarch Stalker
  • Ghost Ark
  • 10 Warriors
  • 5 Flayed ones
  • 2 Units of immortals [at least 10 in each unit] Tesla Carbines
  • At least 8 or 9 scarabs
  • Cryptek
Which I think covers most of it. Of course if you've been a long time reader, first time commenter you'll know our Tyranids aren't completely comfortable with mech, I have a healthy fear of it and we don't have the recommended figures to deal with it. If you recall the problems I had with Guard AV11 Leman Russes in assault, well this is the same deal but with the shooting side of things their AV goes up to 13 [yeah I suppose the Russes do to]. Oh and it was Annihilation and you know how I love that mission type!

Anyway, without pictures there's not a great deal I can share without it just being a series of disconnected 'what I did next was...'.
However I'll try to cover some highlights. Necrons:
  • The Tachyon Arrow, ha, ha! It hit and could wound my Trygon Prime on a 2+, yeah you know it - a 1.
  • Tesla weapons just ate my units, arcing everywhere and with quite a few 6's which give another 2 hits they were total Tyranid killers.
  • The Crypteks Tremor Stave was also handy in slowing down my advance, especially when used against Gargoyles - if I wanted to move 12" they were already in difficult terrain so I'd have to roll a terrain test. So they crept along instead of flapping. They made an effective wall of cover though. 
  • The Immortals were just solid and I think for every 3 I killed 1 ended up getting back up.

And my highlights. Tyranids:
  • My Hive Guard continued their 50% deal, 2 out of 4 hits, 1 out of 2 penetrates. However Ben pointed out that they were in fact 100% effective in that they Destroyed an Annihilation Barge and the Command Barge in their two rounds of shooting. They held The Traveller in combat for two turns, caused a wound and suffered 1, then the Tervigon arrived and flattened him so good he didn't ever get back up! So I'm definitely getting the next two of the Hive Guard converted.
  • The Trygon took out the Flayed ones, Warriors and blew up the Ghost Ark 7 times over, although those first two combats took 2-3 turns to resolve before I could take the Ark.
  • Genestealers were a bust, the Broodlords survived for quite a while but got mashed by the Immortals and the Adrenal one attacked the Triarch but just couldn't penetrate and was stepped on and danced over. If I'd gone for a Barge I may have had some joy... Not one single basic Stealer got into combat!
  • Meanwhile the Warriors were held in combat with the Scarabs for a long time, but it took two broods of Termagants and a bundle of Hormagaunts combined to finally whittle away the many little metal bugs nipping at their heels. I think only the prime was left after this concluded.
  • Oh, and the Mycetic Spore was assaulted! And he killed someone before he was killed in return.

The game was much closer than expected even if by turn 5 I had just 3 termagants left on the field and they were running away. In the middle of the game it was quite close but the Tervigon and Trygon had all taken significant wounds and the Hive Guard were tied up with the Traveller - I realised too late I should have charged the Biovore into him to keep him occupied and ensure the Hive Guard got another turn of shooting at the mech.

But it was a great game. Ben's army is really well painted and to prevent arguments he employs the 'rolling dice in a game box system' I try to employ with the kids. It's formality certainly fits with the Necron aesthetic. I did much better than I expected and the mech was a challenge and I know this list is in no way appropriate but I think just a few small changes might have been able to tip possibilities a bit further in my direction. However, I make my list based on objective missions which account for of the missions so I hope changes I make don't make them less versatile for those matches. Anyway, we'll probably play again and he's suggested I think about the doubles tournament in Warhammer World in October so we'll see. I promise I'll get pictures next time, it's a good set up and well worth your viewing pleasure.

Tuesday 22 May 2012

Gaming with my Son - Nids Vs Eldar 500pts

I think this is the first time we've played:
  • on our new table 
  • with the new Ferron Proxima battlemat
  • with my son playing his Eldar
  • with the Ferron Fire Firs
  • with the DoW Plasma Generator
So 500pts, I took the BS/RC Prime, a load of Hormagaunts, Devgaunts, Biovore and Genestealers. I didn't take a Tervigon as I though it'd be a nightmare for him. He took a load of Guardians with a Bright Lance support weapon, Swooping Hawks, a Farseer as HQ and 3 Guardian Jetbikes. Here's the start with 3 objectives.

The Guardians take cover in the Ferron Bindweed.

The Tyranids hold the high ground next to the Plasma Generator.

The main swarm is driven to secure the Hive Node objective in the centre of the board.

Under the psychic control of the Prime the Hormagaunts leap forwards intent on securing the Hive Node.

As the alien menace bounds forwards the Eldar move out of the bindweed and take aim at the Prime who had not decided to 'join' the Hormagaunt brood. They manage to take a couple of wounds off him at which point I realise he is my only Synapse Creature on the board so I make a note to join him to the unit next turn IF he survives!

The Diving Eagles swoop out of the sky the Exarch's Sun Rifle a bright light of death amongst the Tyranids.

The jetbikes fly in from the flank the second objective is in the copse of Ferron Fire Firs to their right.

The Hormagaunts keep moving forwards, using the hill as cover, the Prime joins their brood hoping to use them as a meat shield.

The Devgaunts have taken cover in the coffee plaza ruins where the third hive node objective resides.

Teh Diving Eagles continue to blast away with their Sun Rifle and other weapons, taking a heavy toll on the Hormagaunts.

The Guardians press forwards, a stray spore mine floating aimlessly about the battlefield.

The Farseer strides toward the objective in brave defiance of the encroaching horde, while the jetbikes scream forwards to add support.

The Hormagaunts charge the Farseer, their Scything Talons proving too much for the Eldar mage [he didn't see that coming]

The Devgaunts move forwards to both hold the objective and hopefully add fire support against the Diving Eagles.

The Hormagaunts consolidated towards the Eagles who in turn charged them in their turn.

The Guardians spread out to add maximum fire support but stay out of charge range. The Jetbike heads back to the second objective.

The Guardians continue to rain shurikens into the Tyranids and hopefully thin the swarm.

The Jetbike, having narrowly weaved through the dense Fire Firs suddenly spots the arrival of nine Genestealers.

They charge into the copse, and despite the dense foliage they tear the Jetbike to shreds with their rending claws.


The Hormagaunts are completely decimated by shuriken fire, so the Devgaunts stretch their brood to try and capture both objectives 

With the prime hidden by cover he wills the brood to form a chain bridging the gap between node points

With the Devgaunts out of range the Guardians target the Prime, taking cover behind the trees.

But their storm of shurikens shreds foliage and Tyranid flesh alike as the remove the last of the Primes wounds leaving the central objective unsecured.

With the objective free the Guardians move forwards both to capture it and to get a bet firing angle on the remaining Devgaunts.

The Devgaunts skulk back towards the Hive Node


Meanwhile the Genestealers secure the other objective

The aerial view from the Eldar Craft Ship

The Synapse view from the Tyranid Kraken Hive Vessel.

It was a good game, I helped him a bit, particularly with arranging his Guardians to maximise his shooting. He overestimated his Farseer's ability but he was committed before it was too late and there was just no way he could survive the Hormaguants and Prime, but if he'd have taken that one wound off in combat...

With another couple of turns his volleys of shuriken fire could have dislodged the Devgaunts, and eventually the stealers but the end result was a 2:1 victory for me. My lesson was always remember how many Synapse Creatures you're using and protect them!