Wednesday 28 February 2018

Hobby Season 2017/18 half way point

When I arbitrarily chose 28th August as the beginning/end of the Hobby Season I never realised that the half way point lands on my birthday. In truth I was going to recognise this coincidence last year but promptly forgot to write anything. So I just thought a little reminder a might reinvigorate everyone's efforts. Suffice to say I'm pretty happy with my current progress. In fact here's a sneak peak at the recently  completed Dark Angel Predator that I need to reveal when I get a gap in my schedule.

And my most recent completion (just last night in fact) , the 1984 Citadel Samurai for the Eavier Metal 20 year competition.

Unfortunately I haven't had time to create any freebie to gift on my birthday as I would  normally try to do. However, this Hobby Season reminder comes just as the weather might turn and hobby mojo might flourish as the Spring fecundity will bear fruit for us all. So get you paintbrushes out and your hobby on as those Great Big Gamboge Stamps of Approval aren't going to award themselves!

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