Monday 12 February 2018

Terrain is everything - movement tray - TO DONE!

I took a shedload of pictures of these movement trays, I can't think for why? First off it grates in my personal OCD that I didn't fill in the gaps in the movement tray layers.

And then I recall that they are fundamentally useless in game and therefore so is all the effort I've put into them thus far.

And thankfully I didn't fix all those gaps so didn't waste any more time and effort.

Anyway, lots of pics to follow and they're all a little mixed up, digital camera and phone camera so please excuse.

Without models on the trays

The Tervigon/Trygon tray

Anmy usual phone pics that make the movement trays look far cooler than they actually deserve, so sad :(

Again some handy desktop wallpaper suitable images.

Despite the disappointment I still get the Great Big Gamboge Stamp of Approval.

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