Monday 19 February 2018

Warhammer World GT3 - Interim report

Well the weekend is done and dusted and had a great time. Excuse the self indulgent photo-story but I suppose this is a personal hobby blog and by definition it's self-indulgent so I should be apologising with every post at this stage.

Anyway, we went Friday morning and after a minor route change ended up going through the Peak district.

Which still had snow on the ground, while Liam checks we don't get lost again.

While I take up the role of tailgunner. I was unbelievably giddy at this stage.

We arrive at GW headquarters.

And immediately met with a warm welcome. I believe they keep the Necron Tesla weaponry here.

In through the front door and a couple of displays are on view.


Age of Sigmar

Dark Imperium - Ultramarines V Nurgle/Death Guard.

And into the gaming hall!

Bugman's lunch! We then had a game, I played Liam I'll attempt a battle report but for the life of me have no recollection who won, perhaps the pictures will shed light on the result.

Warhammer TV Live, live! Ceri playing, will have to check back how that game went down on Twitch.

We then went to the Orange Tree in Nottingham for a 'few' libations. The cosy retro decor only mired by the fact we were by the exit for the smoking garden so it got a little drafty. Liam and Otty in deep discussion.

Ben and I partaking.

Weapon of choice. I don't drink much so the 3ish I had made me an absolute mess!

Day 1 and the big deal was this, obviously. Game two and when goign to my table Ceri came up and said "are you playing table 20?" I said yes and she asked me to hold on a minute. meanwhile Morgan [my opponent] introduced himself and we were chatting when she came back and asked "would you like to play live on Warhammer TV" I am not ashamed to admit I put both hands to my face, danced up and down and said "would I!?! Absolutely I would" Then remembered Morgan also had a say in the matter, thankfully he was equally excited. I won't spoil the result, I'll try and write a battle report but exists to be watched should you have a Twitch subscription. It was an absolute blast and Nick and Ceri said to us afterwards it was the best game they'd ever seen, high praise considering what actually happened.

That evening we returned to the Orange Tree and Scott, who'd pulled out of the Tournament joined us for the evening's repast and to watch a bit the next day.

Round about this stage I saw Nick Bayton tweet a pic of him, Ceri and Andy in Bugman's and I thanked him for the Live game, while dropping a hint about seeing Brian the Sewer Vent. Well you can see in the exchange that if I had have still been there, or perhaps asked earlier 2 of my 3 dreams would have come true.

Sadly it was not to be, maybe next time. I made up for it with the company of great friends

If you've ever wondered what the canteen looks like at GW, now you know.

And the Cumberland ring was exceptional :)

End result, Liam comes away with the Favourite Player award 4/5 Fav Game votes and 5/5 Fav Army.

He was also nominated for best army.

As was I!

The weekend was awesome, but very stressful. The guys helped keep me sane, but also made me a hot mess with booze. I lost all sorts of things [and found them], tripped over and knocked over things I was clumsy and clammy, glad to get home but incredibly envious of Liam and Ben who both qualified for the GT Final at Warhammer Fest in May. The plan is to get a day ticket to the Fest so I can go and show some support if they go, Ben's already bought his ticket.

I'll try and write the Battle Reports but everything is hazy at this stage and my note taking was erratic.

I had an amazing time, stressful as it was and it has made me think a bit more about how to approach the Warhammer World events as they test my nerves like no other event and I want to really enjoy them as I do smaller tournies.

A great weekend, great event, great games and great friends - old and new.

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