Friday 16 February 2018

Warhammer World GT3 - Prologue

Right about now I should be at Warhammer World. Liam, Ben, Otty and myself went early in Otty's 'battle wagon'. Last time we went we got there in the afternoon and didn't finish our 2 Vs 3 match because of the earlier [than expected] closing time. This time we've got generic tables booked, so we can get in some last minute practice! Obviously I finally settled on my list a while back, which you can see below. It also forms a bit of a crib sheet and saves time with Psychic Powers, although I may amend this throughout the weekend if I find my chosen powers restrictive.

I had to print out 11 copies of these - one to give to the events staff, one for each of my five opponents to keep and then I use the other five to keep track of my games. That said it's a lot of work to create as I trim the pages of all the surround so they're all rough edged. But they got done and I feel 'cheap' not making the effort.

I've also stocked up the ever handy Kinder Surprise eggs. Gifting these to each of my opponents at  MKIV wound markers. Last time I gave them to each opponent before we began and most of them immediately popped them open at the first opportunity to use them in play which justified my decision to gift them beforehand. As there so easy to make it's no skin off my nose, or yours either should you be wishing to share the goodness at your own tournament, just a thought.

Obviously game-wise I've no aspirations apart from having fun, not to be too clumsy on day one [because I'll be a hot mess of nervous energy] and to try and be efficient/quick so I can complete a game and not be ending them after 2.5 hours on turn two. As I saw on reddit recently I will adopt the mantra of "if you're thinking, you're cheating". Painting competition, again no aspirations, the nids have been there before so no expectation and the separate categories are always strongly contested. 
Super excited to be there, I'll be wearing my 'eavier metal Facebook group T-shirt one of the days. So come say hi if you see me.

Amusingly I also got a backprint... It's OK I'll be getting a replacement sent through but if it didn't arrive in time.  

I've made a short term fix on this one though!

I do have some aspirations though - my main hopes are to see Brian the Sewer Vent first-hand, hopefully taking some pics with my nids on it. I'd also like some best game votes, I'm a nice guy afterall, well I think so. My army is never cheese and never win at all costs so the lack of best game votes has always pricked my sensitive side - I appreciate that sounds needy but it'd be nice is all ;) Ultimately I'm out to have fun and try and finish some games, hopefully that'll shine through and I'll have 5 great games with 5 great people and I'll remember to get selfies with them!

But my greatest hope is that I would be chosen for the GT3 Twitch feed if it's on - because one thing that always looks awesome top-down is my Skyshield and cooll to share it with a wider audience. I don't know what the selection criteria is, obviously last game will most likely be the leaders but I know they've asked the viewers for suggestions and chosen 'interesting armies'. It'd just be an absolute honour but I've no control over that either, so fingers crossed on Brian.

Regardless I'm sure we'll have a cool time, see you on the flip-side!

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