Wednesday 21 February 2018

Warhammer World GT3 - Painting competition

While I continue to work on the battle reports I'll showcase the painting competition. Firstly the squad competition, as you would expect the standard was pretty high. I loved the style of the Noise Marines below, and was luky enough to play against them in game 5 :)

Custodes on Jetbikes, I warned Otty about them before the tournament started. He then had the misfortune to come up against some, whether it was these I'm not sure but he confirmed my warning. Meanwhile I found I;d broken an arm on a retro old-skool Space Hulk Genenestealer so instead of five the same I actually chose on of each of the eclectic mix in my brood. I had no expectation to win so used it as an opportunity to show variety instead. At the time it might have looked silly but seeing them now I actually think it makes a lot of sense, Like I'd tried to make each Steler completely different.

Liam's scratchbuilt chaos spawn maggots in the back. Love the chaos cultists too.

Primaris Marines.

Moar Primaris and Centurions.

Hero competition, my own Broodlord and Beliswaaargh-i-ork Kawl I believe ;) which went on to win

Liam's Typhus in the back.

I thought the pose on the bike was pretty spectacular

Here it is from the back.

And the 'icons' category - for monsters, vehicles and anything else that defies description. The Ork Freebooterz ship I think went on to win the category.

In which there were 3 Mortarions, including these two.

Liam's Mortarion and my own Hive Tyrant hidden in it's shadow.

Big tank!

And something very, very wrong.

Nominations for best painted army - Liam's Nurgle/Death Guard.

A krazy Ork Mekanikus looted army. The Grot Ruststalkers were particularly clever and not just a little disturbing too.

Beliswaaargh-i-ork Kawlwas leading them, I'm guessing they were run as Mechanicum in the game.

And the original Mechanicum.

With Gerantius the Forgotten Knight.


All kinds of wrong with the Dark Reapers.

These Drukhari had a really nice 'nature' theme.

The bases were particularly good tying everything together.

My own efforts in the cabinet, you've seen these guys before though.

Pretty amazed I fit the Skyshield in this time. Just before game 2 I did drop one of the Capillary Towers and chipped an inch long section of the clay on the base off. It'll be fine with a bit of glue but it was another example of how the nerves kicked in and the clumsiness prevailed.

The eventual winners - an insanely detailed Aeldari force by I believe a guy called Lee Bates [if wrong let me know].

The quality of the airbrushing - galaxies and planets, coupled with the thousands of stars was a marvel.

The Wraithguard that transitioned from purple to orange to blue, each helm featuring a tortured screaming skull learing out. I've no idea how this was done, it doesn't entirely look like it was monotone and then glazed as the black would be tinted too. It was beyond my comprehension.

As was this Wraith Seer, oh my!

Jetbikes and Hornets.

The planets on the Hornets were spectacular

The main guys again.

Amazing armies and I was just chuffed to be nominated again. There was always a chance but I went into the weekend with different aspirations and I was pelasantly surprised to achieve something not on that list and get this nice certificate/poster.

I'll try and get some Battle Reports done next.

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