Thursday 15 February 2018

2000pts battle report - Tyranids v Tyranids

It's been quite a while since I played Otty, but I figured it would do us both good to pit our nids against each other to help us get up to speed for GT3. More for him as he has limited 8th edition experience but with us both running gribblies there was far more learning to be had and sharing of ideas and concepts

The low down:
  • Front-Line Warfare [Chapter Approved mission]
  • Hammer and Anvil - Table Ends deployment
  • I chose deployment zone, but I deployed last unit [giving Otty +1 to win first turn], 
  • Otty won first turn, I failed to seize
Otty was running the Swarmlord in a pod, with Genestealers in a Trygon tunnel. Another unit of Genestealer backed up by a Broodlord, 3 Dakkafex, a Tyrannofex [with Rupture Cannon], 3 Hive Guard, a brood of Rippers and 3 Zoanthropes all as Hive Fleet Gorgon. Objectives were in the Spore Chimney, inbetween the two woods by the craters

Another objective was inbetween the two alien pods and the one in my deployment zone was just by my Skyshield on the right in this pic. All the trees were counted as cover but Line of Sight blocking behind - you could shoot into but not behind because Otty had limited terrain and it seemed like the best way to deal with it.

Otty surged forward.

Unfortunately the Stealer got a short advance of 1 or 2.

Swarmlord arrived in his pod, with Genestealers in a Trygon tunnel.

The Swarmlord 'flung' the Genestealers forward. Shooting took place and one of the Hive Guard went down. The Tervigon also took a number of wounds but I may have got some lucky dice rolls to survive a particularly devastating round of shots.

The Swarmlord wasn't going to reach the Hive Guard so he went for bigger prey and charged the Skyshield.

He took 7 wounds off the platform while the Genestealers clawed through the Hive Guard [First Blood], losing two of their own number to 3 overwatch hits! In response I moved the Tervigon and gaunts back, to give room for the Trygon and my own Stealers. The Tervigon regenerated two or three wounds to be back on 11.

My Broodlord headed for the Swarmlord on a suicide mission.

Trygon and Gaunts tunneled up in Otty's DZ while Flyrants arrived in front and behind his lines to squeeze it between them. Shootin had limited effect from the Gaunts, even shooting twice. I managed to put a few wounds on both Zoanthropes and Hive Guard but the combined shots of the Flyrants put only one Hive Guard down.

I made almost all of my charges [except for the Termagants]. Flyrant on the left got to the nearest Carnifex and killed it. Flyrant in the DZ got the Tfex and managed some wounds. Trygon failed charge on the Zoies, was just short on the Behemoth re-roll and a 4+ command re-roll of the low dice got me in.

I'd move the Termagants up to stall the stealers. Shooting took out some of them [I think 2 were left after this] and the Broodlord died against the Swarmlord but not before putting at least 3 wounds on him.

My 17 Stealers and Trygon both got into assault against Ottys 20. My Stealers killed 19 of them, with the Trygon squishing the last one. I consolidated towards a Dakkafex getting within 1" to force it to Fallback next turn, Otty didn't think he could have a free attack with the Carnifex that turn but I am convinced he could have.

Otty's turn and he went for my Tervigon to try and feedback on the Gaunts. He would then Smite it to take it back down to 9 wounds.

Zoanthropes fell back from the Trygon, everything else remeained locked in combat.

Tfex and Flyrant kept wailing on each other.

Swarmlord assaulted the Tervigon.

He sliced and diced but could only manage 8 wounds.

Leaving the lady on her last wound.

I may have paid 2CPs to interrupt and assault with the Stealers but they failed to deliver and were mullered for it.

Otty's trygon joined the fray but only to squish some Gaunts who failed to kill any Stealers.

My turn and the Flyrant fell back to shoot the Tfex or the Hive Guard hiding in the Spore Chimney. Gaunts repositioned.

Rippers arrived to contest the Objective.

Psychic Phase and my Tervigon Smite's the Swarmlord. I get 11 on my Psychic test and then 6 on my D6 Mortal Wounds, by this stage the Swarmlord had 5 or 6 remaining and is destroyed in a haze of Psychic fury. 

To add insult to injury the Tervigon re-spawns 10 Fleshborer gaunts who fell back from the Trygon to allow the Warriors to shoot it, for a wound or two.

Trygon eats through the Zoies [with help from the Devgaunts shooting], Flyrant kills the Hive Guard with Brainleech worms. The second Flyrant swoops across to the Dakkafex and support the Trygon but fails to kill any green nids.

Otty's Trygon eats though theWarriors...

...and moves down to take on the Tervigon with Rippers appearing in my DZ, just managing to fit in 9" away.

I'm thinking this is a bad dice role, perhaps the Tervigon got shot by the Trygon's Bio-Electric Pulse. It definitely died, then the Termagants got killed and with no Synapse to hold them they were wiped out giving Otty the objective in my DZ.

The Flyrant continued to struggle with the Carnifex and but finally killed the Broodlord.

Which meant he was left with the Dakkafex who just didn't have sufficient attacks, damage or AP to put wounds on him.

Made even worse by the arrival of the second Flyrant.

We decided to call it a draw at 2am. Subsequent turns I'd have probably won, and with hindsight the Trygon holding the objective in my DZ was actually contested with the Skyshield, but the Rippers would have been on it next turn to tip the scales in Otty's favour and no doubt the Trygon could have removed the 13 remaining wounds on the fortification.

Otherwise we both had our opponents objectives and a middle objective each. Otty had First Blood, I had Slay the Warlord and we both had Linebreaker. Overall it was a good game but then I think I had the upper had so I'm a little biased but we spent a good deal of time discussing options and approaches [hence the finish time]. Hopefully, Otty had some thoughts on adjusting his army, just the 6CPs is a worry for me. He rang me the next day to say he'd managed to add a Vanguard detachment for a 7th as despite my advice the lists he could make with two Battalions or a Brigade were so far removed from how he's used to playing he wouldn't know what to do with the list. I agree he needs to use what he's comfortable with so fingers crossed 7CPs will be enough [he's hoping to get some back with the Feeder Tendrill Stratagem off the Genestealers.

Next stop - Warhammer World and GT3.

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