Monday 10 April 2017


I got the opportunity to take a few pictures of items that have been TO DONE! at the weekend. I've been trying out my light box, tweaking it for better results. But with the weather changing for the better I'd give some [ill-advised by GW] daylight shots too as some have been pretty good in the past. Now the results are mixed, some of the light box shots are fantastic, some on the white background are good but others are pretty garish. The daylight shots are OK, but the Ferron background can look bleached because of the brightness and the single source of light does make harsh shadows [hence why they don't advise it].

Never fear though, there are a fair few pretty decent shots of my efforts and although it's work that's been completed upto three months ago, perhaps it will kickstart everyone else's Hobby Season. Currently I have a few things lined up to finish between now and August that are doable but even at this stage I'm reasonably happy with what's been achieved so far.

Regardless it does mean I have a bucket load of images to share that I'd hoped to start with today but missed my chance to type them up, so instead you get this public information notice ;)

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