Monday 17 April 2017

'nids part 211 - Genestealer cult - Brood Coven - TO DONE!

As you may recall, when I was struggling with my Drop Pods I was seeking solace in the Hive, or more accurately the Cult and managed to get the Brood Coven done.

Interestingly I hadn;t quite realised what I'd been achieving and while the Primus, Familiars and Patriarch progressed apace the Magus was languishing in a primed state.

When I realised the Coven formation could be achieved with minimal effort a concerted push brought him up to spec in short order.

The Patriarch hisself.

I mounted him on the oval base so he can match my Spawn of Cryptus, I also added in Dark Angel helmets to tie them in with my own Dark Angels and begin showing their conflicts.

The Primus.

Free Radical Collective symbols on his cloak are OK, could have probably doen a few more to make it even more 'culty'.

The Bonesword came out really well, I tried to copy the style of my Swarmlord Bonesabres. It's been a long while since I did them but luckily the green glow effect hides any inconsistencies.

The Magus.

The full Free Radical Collective logo is far more effective here...

and here.

Still not sure on hsi mouth/teeth. I struggled repeatedly to do this and this seemed right, certainly the best attempt. His teeth aren't meant to be perfect so in that respect they work but it still looks odd in a way I can't put my finger on.

Familiars - once again with a Dark Angel helm. I feel like it needs litany script on it but there just isn't enough space.

Side/back view so you can see orange shading on the cloth, those resin bases look alright don't they!

Although I might feel mighty entitled to more than the one Big Purple Stamp of Approval I'll just do the one. These were 4 out of 8 sub-bullets painting the Deathwatch Stealers.

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