Wednesday 12 April 2017

Dark Angels - Bastions - MOAR SHOTS!

Looks like these initial shots are my obligatory phone pics with my Camera360 app [usually the Velvia filter]. it certainly mamaged to capture the vibrancy of the background and although the green is a bit brighter in the process I do love staurated and high contrast pictures so I really like them.

The Comms relay in Paticular looks pretty cool.

As does the Quad Gun.

Close up of the weathered door

Just these extra touches on the Dark Angel symbol, I mean it's red when technically it should be white but it was the right thing to do. The texture I managed to add to a flat piece of plastic though surprises even myself. The rust is a bit cartoony but weathering is still a learning experience for me but only with practice will it get better.

Various extra shots of the Quad Gun on it's own.

Difficult to see in these pics, possibly better ones in the previous post of the targeting array but really pleased with how the Tamiya Clear worked on those lenses.

Comms Relay looks cool on the base too, looks like I may have to paint a second base unit too.

Another picture, I know but this was inside the light box, when I realised it was too big for the box, hence why I decided I needed to wait until better weather so I could have more room to get everything else in.

And because I did the Comms Relay and the Quad Gun I'm going to give myself another couple of Big [although small on the page] Purple Stamps of Approval !!

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