Friday 21 April 2017

'nids part 214 - Genestealer Cult so far

In truth this is not everything, it's just what I had to hand while I was taking the pictures but it is a statement in that it shows there is more to come. Alongside my Brood Coven is my Aquila Lander pilot and the Spawn of Cryptus [which could be another Patriarch]. Obviously I also have my Dark Vengeance kitbashed cultists alongside the 10 cultists that had not nid conversions so I have 20+ Neophyte Hybrids to add to this and I'm already relishing the riot of colour that the metallics, orange, reds, yellows and greens bring to this addition to my Tyranid forces.

What's also interesting is just how much bigger the Spawn looks nect to the Patriarch. Of course I have another Patriarch and my Space Hulk Broodlord, which I intend to put on a magentised 40mm to Oval base so I can use him in Deathwatch and Space Hulk with the oversized base getting in the way of gameplay. Of course I also have the two 'come at me bro' Broodlords in body warmers, giving me six altogether!

I'm hoping these, alongside my Deathwatch, could make a nice Armies on Parade display at some point, maybe not this year because I have other priorities to paint up but we'll see what happens.

Next up will be the remainign Neophytes and Acolytes which I would have said were happily on hold while I concentrate on getting my Ravenwing done if it wasn't for the fact I suddenly got disenchanted with painting black and laid down the Stonewall grey on 9 of the Acolytes last night! Best laid plans of Magus and men and all that... looks like I may just fill that bit in on all of them, including the Neophytes so I can bring myself to a place where the Ravenwing look appealing once again - go with the flow!

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