Tuesday 25 April 2017


Apparently there is a new edition of 40k due. What? You hadn't heard? Sorry, I thought that rock you were wearing was a fashion choice. Already we've had Alex's thoughts on the Q&A on From the Fang and Nick's views on the FAQ on The Burning Eye. Obviously I write a blog, you know this, you're reading it. So I MUST have an opinion on 8th as it's a blog about 40k [predominantly] afterall. Aside from spotting a Ravewning badge [next to an assault squad symbol, zoom in] in that first wing on the left of the picture above there's not much I can add to what Alex and Nick have already said. Of course I can just say what 8 means to me...

What does 8 mean to me?

It means we get new rules, that's about it. The fact they're FREE initially, means I haven't got anything to complain about, and I play 'nids I know how to complain! There's no way I'm rage-quitting, for all I know nids might actually get some cool new rules. And we're all in the same boat, so unlike when your swanky new Codex hits - you get excited and then realise it's not workable and you're back of the queue again.

Well this time time we're all starting from the same point with a new way[s] to play and rules and not just the variations of the rules I've played since returning in 5th edition. On top of that we'll all have new rules for our Factions and with a push to end all those stupid imbalances and over-powered broken upgrades, we may well have viable competitive options for all. I certainly would love the idea to not look across the table at an opponents army and go Eldar - bleurgh, Necron Decurion - bleurgh, Tau - bleurgh! etc. If 8th is the great leveller then I'm all for it.

I'm sure folk will find a way to break it, they always do. Even when it's a friendly fluffy list tournament someone will always bring a cheese list. At my son's primary school every year on Sport's Day the year 6 boys always do something funny and unique in the final sprint race crossing the line altogether. Over the years though there have been a few instances where one kid will just break ranks and insist on 'winning the race'. That's what I see with those cheese lists at a friendly event - an 11 year old trying to win at the expense of everyone else. If 8th edition brings back the spirit of the hobby, even if nids are still pants, then I'll be a happy bunny.

I will miss templates though. Alex said they're always contentious in tournaments, which might be true and the replacement rules may well be easier, quicker and more representative but I will miss them as artifacts. They made neon green acrylic cool, when Necrons couldn't. However, I had actually been using [losing] the softer plastic translucent ones from Battle for Macragge because they had that hole in the edge you could link them altogether so you wouldn't lose one [just all of them at once ;) ]. I'd also been lusting after the Shadow War red ones but now there's no point in them I can dismiss them altogether.

Just thought, I wonder if these will still have a place in 8th? I'd really miss them

So that's me, bring on 8th I can't wait to see what we've got in store for the hobby.

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