Tuesday 11 April 2017

Dark Angels - Bastions - TO DONE!

The Bastions were another project that had been sidelined repeatedly. Although simple they required a fair amount of effort and taking on two, although efficient, was probably not the wisest course of action given how laborious they were.

I think this is actually the second Bastion, 'number 9' was the one that was already built that I added stuff to and had started to prepare.

Much like the Drop Pods with an initial model started 'number 4' was brought up to speed so I could duplicate each process. There are definite efficiency and consistency benefits to this, but it does of course increase the scale of the task at hand. I'm pretty sure the efficiency means I was saving time overall on doing them separately but it's mentally challenging and progress did seem slow.

I also threw in the Comms Relay [not on my list] I'll cover that in the MOAR SHOTS post.

Some close-ups of the detail. Those litany altars were installed because I misplaced the Heavy Bolter emplaced weapons. I've since found them but they turned out pretty cool so I'm happy to have them different.

Top down view. The red weathered floor took a bit to get right, the plan was to have some metal scuff marks but it detracted from the overall weathered look.

I downloaded a fair few real world examples of weathered red steel [I should share those examples] to try and get it right, but the end result was mainly thinned browns and blacks with some orange weathering powders in the corners.

More of the Comms Relay

Litany alcoves and the stenciled big numbers, replete with drips and stains.

Some of the rust spots are a bit dubious in places like some animal pattern but it's only noticeable if you go looking for inconsistency.

The ill-fated attempt at salt weathering is still making it's presence felt with salt stains continuing to bleed through the paintwork.

Interestingly I adopted the use of Army Painter Hawk Turquoise for my Verdigris - bluer and darker I really liked it.

Litany banners also came out better than expected.

Martian Ironearth added an extra dimension to the weathering.

As did my application of sand and grit to make the texture even more battered. A simple propaganda poster also added a little something, although I think the heavier stock paper we use would have been better replaced by a cheaper lower quality.

Close up of one of the litany banners and weathered gun emplacement.

The Quad gun and it's mount also got done, more on those next time

But for now it's been a while since I gave myself a proper Big Purple Stamp of Approval but these two are well and truly TO DONE!

Actually, as there's two Bastions I get another

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