Tuesday 17 June 2014

'nids part 146 - The unexpected bonus of a magnetised Carnifex

Having completed War I was lucky enough to finish off my spare set of Tervigon Crushing Claws that are also magnetized. Once you add in the Tervigon's Scything Talons here's the making of my Old One Eye/

Admittedly he hasn't got that 'skull' head but it seems the Carnifex kit only comes with one spare other side which I used on my Quad Gun, now I actually have 2 skull sides and no normal ones to make OOE, so until one turns up this will just have to before it gets wounded.

If I ever use him I can put the unused Mawloc talons on my Tervigon, if it's armed with the Miasma Cannon technically it shouldn't have Scything Talons at all so those Mawloc talons are pretty ineffective looking to illustrate it doesn't have any melee weapons.

I do like that toxic tongue though.

Of course being magnetized I can also swap the arms around, making the claws the front weapons and the talons in the back. That's so versatile but I seem to take quite a gamble with the position of the magnets. The end result isn't always as cool as it could be but its a small price for so many options.

I'm looking to do another one as soon as I find a cheap Carnifex but Fleshborer Hives are quite scarce so I may make some converted Devourers, like I originally intended.

Luckily if I can get some Carnifex Crushing Claws it will give me the bits to convert some more Hive Guard.

One cool advantage to going with Tervigon Crushing Claws is they're massive, much bigger than the Carnifex versions so it really works for Old One Eye as an uber Carnifex. Adding in the Mawloc talons probably doesn't but it is another way of making this model even more versatile.

And lets face it any creature foolish enough to get past those claws, well you need something small and tiny to kill what's got underneath you so it still works.

So even with a slightly random set of weapons this still works and has been a blast to create.

Not to mention his 'War' configuration.

 or even 'War-lite'!


  1. You know you've done a truly wonderful job on a model...when you just sit there and play with all it's configurations to find the coolest looking one.

    I kinda of imagine you making rawr noises and walking him along the table to smash some vehicles apart. Such a great model/paintjob!

    1. ha, ha, not quite with the theatrics although the 'narratives I forged' at the weekend were like Valeryian steel! War managed to blow up a Leman Russ and a Land Raider at Blog Wars, can't wait to get another one.