Saturday, 14 June 2014

Blog Wars 7 - Retribution

Today is Blog Wars 7. Last year PeteB and I attended Blog Wars 6 in the November [check the Battle Reports tab for all those games] and had a great time so we were both looking forward to today's event. Unfortunately Pete's shifts got mucked about so he had to cancel, even worse, after getting his refund someone offered to swap. So he's understandably miffed not to be attending.

Hopefully I can hold our end up though. It's interesting to see what I'll be facing, it turns out Daemons are popular alongside their Chaos Marine bretheren, obviously strong Tau and Eldar showing, but a surprising amount of Space Wolves, some freshly minted Astra Imperial Militarum Guard and billy no mates me the only 'nids. I know there's a large contingent from a gaming club in Preston, including Lemon Painting who was nominated for Best Army at throne of Skulls with their Imperial Knights, so the painting competition will no doubt be hard fought, there's no guarantees. I am however taking note of last years comments about my army display, that putting them on my transport trays wasn't the best way to display them.

So I'll be taking my Armies on Parade board, just to be a little more professional. Then again it could be seen as over the top, who knows, I do my best and will leave it up to my fellow gamers to decide. Either way as AoP isn't likely on the cards this year it's nice to give it a run out for 2014. One point of note is that this particular army list features 740pts [from 1850pts] of miniatures that were not part of last years competition. The majority of which are newly painted, only my Warriors and Quad Gun were done but not part of my entry and my Trygon/Mawloc has been retouched considerably since then. Again this might put people off voting, as it's technically the same army that won last time but there's not much you can do when you commit to something like this. It's a shame the Skyshield and Pestilence couldn't fit into my list, to make it even more of an update, but the Capillary Towers will get a showing on the board at least.