Monday 2 June 2014

'nids part 141 - Yet more WiPs, of Venom/Zoan-thropes and Lictors

Famine gets it's highlights too. This will, by far, change the most once I start adding the SFX. I still need to paint up the tentacles in the reclamation pool though.

Looking forward to using this guy, I measured him and he will glide harmlessly underneath the Skyshiled, that's if I ever put it in a list. I'm enjoying the Bastion a bit more, for the benefits of the Quad Gun but now it has Hull Points it may well end up more of a liability being glanced to death...

Death starts to take shape too.

I'm looking to add a bit of 'spotting' on the shoulders eventually, as part of it's chameleon skin nature. Nothing crazy just to try and break up the shape a little.

I'm starting to dig this Lictor, I really want to try out that datalsate...


Pestilence moves on too. In truth it's probably my least favorite of the four. I'm convinced his tentacles will and I'm not sure how to transport him safely either.

Still, I'm looking forward to taking some mobile cover into battle. I may consider dropping a Fortification to do so.


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