Thursday 5 June 2014

'nids part 143 - TO DONE! The Four Horsemen of the Ferron Apocalypse - 'PESTILENCE'

Pestilence looks like a whole other beastie now he's got his 'toxic' going on. 

I'd originally planned to blacken the edges of the yellow flock, to show it dieing in the toxic miasma given off by the Venomthrope. I may still do it, and perhaps leave a black slime trail behind the creature. I'm not so sure how he's supposed to move, does it hop, slither, glide?

It'll be interesting to have some mobile cover, potentially a new way to play, surging the horde forwards under it's cloud of protection, should be fun.

Now, how to transport the little fella...

And the obligatory big blue tick for getting it done!


  1. I think they float like the zoan. Looking great and I think 'killing' the grass a little will be a really nice touch.

    1. Apparently you're right I just looke dit up and got this: 'A Venomthrope is a species of Tyranid dripping with poisons that floats across the battlefield via gas-filled bladders...'

      If I ever get another one I'll have it floating.

    2. Daniel I've since added the black onto the base and some on the foliage. I was doubtful but a nice coat of gloss varnish has made it really interesting. Hopefully I'll get chance to take some updated pictures.

  2. So epic. Love all the work and detail into these guys!

  3. It looks incredible!
    Good job! :)