Saturday 21 June 2014

Blog Wars 7 Armies

I came joint second in for best painted army at Blog Wars 7, with only one vote in it. I was a little disappointed but soon reminded myself that it's just like gaming and ego really has no place here. I like to show off what I've done but ironically find receiving praise in person quite difficult. Ultimately the lesson learned from the day is for the future to take my army and display it whistles and bells purely as a '40kaddict - live' scenario. An opportunity to take the blog on the road. There are indeed plenty of armies better painted than mine, but mine looks good as a whole and has had it's share of success both in painting competitions and interest so the most important thing is to let people see it in the flesh to decide. Then I can add some of my 40addict 'business cards' which will send folk to the blog [I have had 2 new followers since the weekend, it was 3 but then one mysteriously decided to unfollow :( ]

Anyway here are the armies that were on display for the best painted army competition at Blog Wars 7and a couple of other pictures thrown in for good measure. First up, in my last game I did look over and see these two Tau gunlines facing each other, which I thought was amusing. 

This ImperialAstra Militarum Guard army was really nicely done, with it's owner having a secret recipe to paint the tanks in a few hours each!

Some nice Chaos Daemons.

Lots of Blood Angel Assault troops.

Space Wolves.

Crazy Adeptus Custodes, possibly as Grey Knights.

Graham Sanders Astra Imperial Militarum Guard - Squats, with Eldar Allies.

Moare Daemons, this guy was awesome.

The whole unit.

That's conversions for you!

A fantasatic Iron Hands army.

Iron Hands Dreadnought,

These were rally good.

I voted for this as the best Character, the pictures not very good as you can see but better ones are available on the Blog Wars 7 best army review page. It eventually won the best Character category, I think I came joint 4th.

Awesome cinemtatic FX on the missile.

Moar Daemons!

Dark Angels

Dark Eldar

Very nice and clean, too clean, what are they up to? ;)

A crazy Dark Eldar force made up of pirates

With sails and cannons, it was a lot of fun.

I think this bar may have been a Bastion, I'm not sure, it was totally mad.

Another tricked out Grav Galleon.

RTB1 Space marines, and Old Skool Rhino complete this Blood Angels army.

I believe that's a Scibor Miniature used to represent Mephiston.

Crazy Stom Raven Conversion too.


I think this was an Ad-Mech force presumably using Imperial Astra Guard Militarum rules.

Love these armoured vehicles, might make nice Genestealer Cult transports?

Nice little touch there.

This guy was cool too.

Excellent Tau.

Really nice and clean.

Fantastic Iron Warriors army, which I voted for and took the overall prize by one vote, with me in joint second with the Guard Tank Army from my second picture. I voted for this myself, so Chris Benstead has me to thank for not being stuck in joint second with me, ha, ha!

Plenty of unique Forgeworld models.

These I think or Forgeworld, bu there were some other 3rd party models for the Obliterators, I think.


The Flyers for Heldrakes, and some cool explosion markers, I think are the ones Lemon Painting makes and sells.


  1. You where disappointed coming second ? Dave your been to hard on yourself mate, just look at the photos again mate & see all the great armies you beat.

    Most of us can only dream of having an army that looks as good as yours, & while that can make it hard to take when you don't win, the guy who did win most likely would have felt the same disappointment as yourself if he'd came second such are the fine lines between such great looking armies.

    Well done on coming second mate in such a high field & keep up the brilliant work.

    1. You are absolutely right, it's the problem of when you start winning you begin to believe the hype, you begin to expect it. As much as I never expected to win Throne of Skulls I had my mates telling me I would, despite them being nominated too. It doesn't help that there's cash prizes involved in this one for first place which I was hoping to use to fund more purchases.

      this is a timely reminder of what is most important, and at least I learned the lesson in the process. I obviously still have issues dating back from my 'Toymaster debacle':

      But if I learned to overcome my win at all cost attitude in my teens I think I'm able to nip this painting ego trip in the bud before it develops any further. Thanks for the advice.

  2. If it makes you feel any better, your blog is the only 40K one I have left on my list ;-)

    Keep it up champ, I enjoy reading your adventures in modelling and gaming.

    1. Thanks Marc, that does mean a lot, although there are quite a few cool blogs out there that have some amazing content worth checking out. Hopefully I won't be the only blog on your reading list for long. Rest assured I've still got plenty to put on the blog, getting round to it is the bigger issue, ha, ha!

  3. Your stuff looks great! Once you get to that level it really is a coinflip to see who comes in first. Hope to paint that good someday.