Wednesday, 4 June 2014

'nids part 142 - TO DONE! The Four Horsemen of the Ferron Apocalypse - 'FAMINE'

Famine is complete! 

As you can see the toxic green has made a huge difference, he's clearly gearing up to cast Catalyst [according to my psychic power markers]. Granted his little support stem looks a bit rubbish, although it does look like a little fountainsupporting him. The reflected glow on the bottom of his tail is quite effective too.

However, in some of these views the stem disappears so maybe it's not too bad.

The Vernidas clear varnish has had 24 hours to shrink down, I'll keep adding successive layers to eventually have the crater filled. I've also noticed that once it cures it does manage to mute the coulours a little bit [although these have had a little auto-enhance to bring out the contrast already ;) ]

It'll be fun to run two of these with the new Psychic rules, alhtough two single units give me 4 Warp Charge to add to the pool whereas a unit of two gives me only 2?

Here's the big blue tick for getting it done, even if it's not on my To Do List, the rest of the 'Horsemen' will be coming over the next three days :0