Thursday 29 May 2014

Tactical Objective Cards - just so you know!

And we all thought the limited edition run of the Munitorum Edition of 2,000 was limited. This week I've been trying to get a couple of packs of the Tactical Objective Cards from a large GW store and it seems like they've sold out. Loads of packs of Psychic Power cards but no Tactical Objective ones. Having spoken to the manager it transpires there seems to be no sign of them until July at the earliest! He doesn't know why they're still available on the site, perhaps HQ is hoarding them for their own games.

It seems GW underestimated the appeal, or how much of an impulse buy a £5 item in GW can be, to totally change the way you play. Good luck finding some if you hadn't already made a pre-order.


  1. Yup...LGS by me said they got a whopping six packs. Ebay is already selling them for 25-50% markups.

    I think they will settle down and be available en mass as people actually play the tactical cards and find out they are horribly unbalanced and can't really be played the way they are presented.

    It's far too easy to get a massive lead on your opponent in just 1 or 2 turns, then it's nearly impossible for them to score, regardless of whether or not they wipe you off the table.

    With some adjustments to how the cards are drawn/handled, and the pointless ones removed from the deck (3 VP for generating warp charges? Really?), I think they offer a fun way to change up the game.

    Btw the four bugmen are coming along nicely. Photos are getting a bit washed out though, losing some of your hard worked detail!

    1. Wehn I cam up with my own mission it was o try and create games with a high number of VPs. There's an appeal to getting a lot of points by the end of the game. I still need to look at the missions in full but if it's anything like the game I played last week against PeteB where I got the head start on turn by turn VPs that he just couldn't catch up then I can see your point.

      The GW manager said he hadn't seen anyone play the Eternal War mission since the new release so they really hit it out of the park, except they didn't realise they could hit more balls than just the one [to mash a metaphor].

      Sorry about the pics, I assure you the final ones are very rich in colour, maybe too much so. They're not washed out but much more vibrant and bigger too.

    2. I figured as much (on the photos). Your work is just really nice and it pains me a little to see the highlights wash out like that!

      I've seen a few suggestions on the cards so far. Removing the silly ones (like generating warp charges). Allowing discards of useless cards (shoot down a flyer when no flyers are in the game for example), and a "cap" on maximum scores per turn.

      One fellow had a great idea. The cards are a mini game. Each card is worth a point. Each game turn, you compare how many cards you scored vs your opponent. If they got more cards, they get two VP. If you both tied, you both get 1 VP. Really helps prevent runaway stuff from happening.

      Here is a good example of what a bad hand can do to you.

    3. A friend reminded me they had mission Cards in Dark millenium, next time I'm in the loft I may have to dig them out to see what they are like as it's been quite some time since I last looked.

  2. I got some really nice hex ones on ebay...