Wednesday 21 May 2014

'nids part 136 - Dakkafex go boom!

About 90 minutes of striation work here. Once again I'm feeling really good about this. Way back when I was more concerned about fading some of these highlights and how dark the washes were so they aren't so harsh but I've not done the spots yet which will make it less 'contrasty'.

I do suddenly have a love of the Carnifex [that reads SO wrong!] the model is great, even if I've totally distorted it's silhouette with the massive Devourers. Stupidly I let an ebay auction slip away for another one. I seller had three Carnifex auctions finishing in the space of five minutes. not one went for more than £7, with postage about £3, you live and learn.

I may magnetize his head, currently this one is attached by the plastic tab at the back of the neck, I'm also painting the Bio-plasma head at the same time [for no particular reason] but wish I had the an Old One Eye on the go too. I have the skull half but I think the normal half was used with the other normal half that eneded up on my Quad Gun...

Some may think he's a little bit front heavy but despite the size of the Fleshborer Hives as Devourers I always imagine them potentially being fleshy, rotting bladders so they wouldn't be that heavy.

So, lots of progress, back onto the Venom/Zoan-thropes and the Lictors next.



  1. Wow that carapace is incredible. What an awesome epic model! You know you've done a good job when your opponents concentrate all their firepower to remove him from the table.

    "That model looks ultra cool, kill it, it must be the most devastating thing he has!"

    1. Thanks Gregg, I had a game last night and realised something about my Bastion. With the Escalation rules they can be targetted even if they're not occupied. Usually I hide a lot behind it, there's no point paying for the cover and not exploiting it but now that makes it a larger traget for any high strength/low AP weaponry. To mitigate this any MC out in the open can take some heat away but you may end up losing them early in the game.

      However, once those first few turns are out of the way there are far too many threats for people to spend time targetting the Bastion which means it survives the game and still retains the benefits of it's armour and vantage point for my Quad Gun!

  2. Dave,

    Have you considered investing in a void shield for the bastion? If you are playing the escalation targeting/damage rules, you might as well make use from the bonuses from it, and pay the 25 points for a shield.

    This would not only help increase the surviability of the bastion, but also help reduce possible turn 1 alpha's vs prime units (such as dropping str 8 templates on venomthropes and warriors).

    If you feel that isn't representative of the fluff...just say it's a giant miasm cloud of poison or something :).

    1. Good point, so far I have not added a Void Shield. Although we do the Stronghold targeting most games are not Stronghold games but that will all change no doubt with 7th. I may well consider it then. I really want the Bastion to survive but I also wonder about investing more points in it, although I like the idea of the escape hatch too.

      In truth whatever I may say about the nid codex, combined with all the alternatives that have been forced on me I have quite a few army lists that I want to try out just to see what they're like. Some of the Leviathan data slates, with some of my Fortifications, it has certainly made things interesting and no doubt 7th will reinvigorate that too!

      And I'm all for spinning fluff, that's the problem, folk see Tyranids as one dimensional but when you read most of the stories they talk about an 'alien intelligence beyond the understanding of man' that doesn't read as just 'nom, nom, nom!' to me...

    2. I remember someone saying, or in the fluff somewhere, that an inquisitor mentioned that perhaps the nids were not the real threat, and were merely running away from something else....