Monday 12 May 2014

'nids part 134 - All sorts of WiPs of Lictors and Zoanthropes

My second Zonthrope has had it's base done, I didn't want to have it atop the tiny Capillary Tower they usually come with, it seems a bit odd they all float around atop a ground bursting spike. So this one is just pinned, I'll probably wish I'd added a flying base rod but it might be less conspicuous when the tiny reclamaition pool is complete underneath it.

Hand on heart there may be some modelling for advantage here. The normal Zoanthrope does not fit under my Skyshield, this is about 10mm shorter without the Capillary Tower so it might fit underneath, although it is floating. In truth though I haven't measured it so it could still fail to get underneath. Anyway, Red Planet base is painted so on with the undercoats.

My lictor has also had the base and basecoat treatment, I love this model, I actually think it's my favorite Tyranid creature. Now I have one I kind of want another 4 and Deathleaper to make up the 'Assasins' formation.

Next up - blues and washes.

Also here's where I used some Liquid Green Stuff to tidy up the magnets on the Mawloc talons for my Carnifex.

I does indeed shrink a  lot so it's best to slap it on then sand it down afterwards. I did note you can then smooth it with your fingers, the natural oils on your hands together with the recently sanded GS makes an accura


  1. The normal Zoanthrope does not fit under my Skyshield,

    Have you thought about just raising the sky shield slightly?

    1. Ha, ha, raising the Skyshield would be quite the task and even more obvious when I deployed them. Although I am thinking about a few little wedge shaped discs just to help level it out. I think it'll fit, just have to wait and see.